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Bexel - October 2017 Family & Friends Online Auction

Featuring New & B-Stock From

Auction type: Online Only

Sale Date:
Bidding Opens Friday, October 20th at 9:00AM ET
Bidding Closes Thursday, October 26th Starting at Noon ET/9:00AM PT

2701 North Ontario St.
Burbank, California 91504



  • Clear-Com Tempest 900MHz 4CH. Wireless System w/8-beltpacks w/Warranty
  • 2- Clear-Com Tempest 900MHz 4CH. Wireless Base Station w/5-beltpacks w/Warranty
  • QTY of Clear-Com CC-260 Dual Muff HS, CC-95 Single Muff HS & CC-010A Earphone IFB Ear Sets w/Warranty
  • Clear-Com Tempest 2.4GHz 4CH. Wireless System w/4 beltpacks w/Warranty
  • Clear-Com Tempest 2.4GHz 4CH. Wireless System w/8 beltpacks w/Warranty
  • Clear-Com Tempest 2.4GHz 2CH. Wireless Base Station w/4 beltpacks w/Warranty
  • 2- Clear-Com Tempest 2.4GHz 2CH. Wireless Base station w/3 beltpacks w/Warranty
  • 2-Clear-Com VoICE2 IF4 IP Communication Frames w/Warranty


  • Sony PMW-F3 Super 35MM Full-HD Compact Camcorder Package

Camera Accessories/Support:

  • Anton Bauer HDRF 5.8GHz Wireless Video System
  • QTY Anton Bauer QRC Adapters-New w/Warranty
  • QTY Anton Bauer Digital V-190 Batteries-New w/Warranty
  • QTY Anton Bauer NP-F976 Batteries-New w/Warranty
  • 2-OConnor O-Focus DM Photo/Cine Lens Pro Sets w/Warranty
  • 2-OConnor O-Rig Pro Kit w/Warranty
  • Vinten Quartz Two Pedestal-Black w/Warranty
  • Vinten Quartz One Pedestal w/Warranty
  • Vinten Vector 750i Head w/Warranty
  • 2-Vinten Vector 430 Heads w/Warranty
  • 2- Vinten Vector 430i Heads w/Warranty
  • Vinten Vector 90 Head w/Warranty
  • Sachtler Combi-Ped w/Warranty
  • 2-Vinten Vison 250E Head w/Warranty
  • 4-Sachtler Video 60 Plus Head Studio w/Warranty
  • 2-Sachtler Video 25 Plus FB Head w/Warranty
  • 1-Sachtler Cine 7+7 HD Head w/Warranty
  • 1-Vinten Vision 100 Heads w/Warranty
  • 5-Vinten Vision 10AS Head w/Warranty
  • Vinten Vision 11LF Head w/Warranty
  • 7-Vinten Vision 8AS Head w/Warranty
  • 2-Vinten HDT-1 Heavy Duty Tripod w/Warranty
  • QTY Sachtler & Vinten Dolly Wheels w/Warranty
  • QTY Sachtler & Vinten 150MM Carbon Fiber Tripods w/Warranty
  • QTY Sachtler & Vinten 100MM Carbon Fiber Tripods w/Warranty
  • 6-Sachtler C1 Pedestals w/Warranty
  • 2-Vinten Vision 5AS Heads w/Warranty
  • 6-Vinten Vision 3/3AS Heads w/Warranty
  • 2-Vinten Vision 6 Heads w/Warranty
  • 3-Vinten Vision blue5 Heads w/Warranty
  • 2-Vinten Vision blue3 Heads w/Warranty
  • 3-Sachtler Soom XL Tripods w/Warranty
  • 2-Sachtler V-30 Heads w/Partial Pedestal & Case-NO warranty
  • Sachtler V-20P with 2 Stage Carbon Tripod, off ground spreaders & Feet


  • 2-Litepanels 1x1LS Traveler Trio/ Plus Kits
  • 3-Litepanels 1x1 LS Traveler Duo Kit w/Warranty
  • 2-Litepanels Sola 4 Traveler Kit w/Warranty
  • 14-Litepanel Hilos w/Warranty
  • 4-Litepanel 1x1 Bi-Color Flood 903-2013 w/Warranty
  • 3-Litepanel 1x1 Bi-Focus Daylight Spot to Flood 903-2021 w/Warranty
  • 3-Litepanels 1x1 Mono Daylight Flood 903-1001 w/Warranty
  • 5-Litepanels 1x1 Mono Daylight Spot 903-1002 w/Warranty
  • 10-Litepanels 1x1 Bi-Color Flood 903-2063 w/Warranty
  • 3-Litepanels 1x1 Bi-Focus Daylight Spot to Flood 903-2076 w/Warranty
  • 5-Litepanels 1x1 Mono Tungsten Flood 903-1003 w/Warranty
  • 10-Litepanels 1x1 Mono Daylight Flood 903-1006 w/Warranty
  • 4-Litepanels 1x1 Mono Daylight Spot 903-1007 w/Warranty
  • 7-Litepanels Astra 1x1 Daylight 935-1001 w/Warranty
  • 4-Litepanels Astra 1x1 Tungsten 935-1002 w/Warranty
  • 20-Litepanels Astra E 1x1 Daylight 935-4001 w/Warranty
  • 9-Litepanels 1x1 LS Bi-Color 903-1063 w/Warranty
  • 7-Litepanels Inca 9 Tungsten Light NEW w/Warranty
  • 7-Litepanels Inca 12 Tungsten Light NEW w/Warranty
  • 12-Litepanels Sola 12 Daylight Fresnel Light NEW w/Warranty
  • Litepanels MiniPlus Daylight Flood/Spot Kits w/Warranty

Recorders & Terminal:

  • 1-EVS X-File 2/3 32Bit (NOT 10GB)
  • QTY of Sony DNW-A28, DNW-A75, HVR-1500 VTR’s
  • Qty of Panasonic DVCPro HD VTR’s: AJ-HD1400/ HD1200A/ HD150
  • Misc. Terminal Toys


  • Sony BVM-E170 Trimaster EL OLED Master Monitor w/Remote & Case
  • QTY Sony & Samsung 50/55” Monitors

Inspection: Mon. & Tues. October 23rd & 24th - 10:00 to 4:00 - No Appt. Needed