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Nuova Pansac
1975 Dolci 90KV 90mm Extrusion Line

1975 DOLCI 90KV 90mm Extrusion Line, 30:1 L/D” Extruder, s/n 9090169KV, 2007 110KW Motor and Drive, 3-Component Blender, Additive Feeder, Manual Screen Changer, 1996 Macchi 250mm (9.8”) Rotating Die, ASR2 Dual Lip Air Ring, s/n 96097, Poly Cool, 1970 nip 1400mm (55.1”) s/n PL75312001 F&B Treater, s/n 10508, KMT 1000mm (39.3”) Surface Winder, , 1-Position Air Shafts, Secondary Nip (extra 2300mm (90.5”) Nip)

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