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Nuova Pansac
2000 PONTI 90mm Extrusion Line

2000 PONTI 90mm Extrusion Line, 30:1 L/D Extruder, Model EPF-90 s/n 148.00, 110KW Motor and Drive, Air Cooled, Hopper Feeder, Ponti 1998 400mm (15.7”) Die Model DMO500 Rotator, s/n 15.98, Dual Lip Future Design Air Ring Model A1RS3AS0012MP, s/n 025924A, 7.5KW Blower, 1975 Dolci Nip 3000mm (118.1”) s/n PLSM90308, 1975 Dolci 3000mm (118.1”) Surface Winder, (2) Stations, s/n BMCD90308, (4) Qui Qui 4” Tail Printers, 2001 F&B Treater Model Basic T0424

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