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Surplus to Ongoing Operations of BML-Blackbird

Auction type: Online Only

Sale Date:
Bidding Opens: Friday, August 26th @ 9:00 AM EDT
Bidding Closes: Tuesday, August 30th Starting @ 10:00 AM ET

50-52 Rear Metro Way
Secaucus, New Jersey 07094


  • LIGHTING CONSOLES: Grand MA, ETC Smartfade, Many Expression 3X units 400, 800, 1200 channel, Leprecon 1548's, 1524, 612
  • TRUSS: large quantity Tomcat compatible 12" truss including lightly used as well as new 10, 8, 6, 5. 4, 3, 2.5, 2' sections, corner blocks, 20.5" hinges and corner blocks, Thomas style PreRig truss w/PAR bars, black powder coated truss, 25' new LINE ARRAY TOWERS all w/engineering report.
  • DIMMING: Strand dimmer packs: 12 x 2.4K soco outs, Strand 24 x 2.4K soco out, Strand 6 x 12K, Strand 6 x 6K, Strand 24 x 6K, LEX 24K single dimmers, LEX 20K flicker boxes, assorted 4 x 600 watt plug in packs. (guys need to be exact on the 24k stuff)
  • CABLE: 60 + 100 amp bates, 20 amp bates, Stingers, 60 +100 amp twofers, 60 + 100 amp Woodie distros, Mole + other 600 amp distros, LEX 300 amp + 600 amp distros, Snakebites, large quantity of DMX to 300', 6 pin XLR cable, Socapex 25, 50, 100', BNC, RGBHV snakes, coax + cam‎era cables. Lots of Cam-Lok and assorted twist lok cabling.
  • MOVING LIGHTS: 3X Xenon "Little Big Light" automated moving heads. Martin Mac2000 profile, wash, Performance, MAC550 Profile, Coemar Infinity Wash, Studio Colors, ‎most marked working.
  • LED LIGHTING: ETC Selador Pearl 6' LED strips, Reveal LED fresnels, Coemar Parlite, PixelPar90's, large quantity ColorBlast style clones w/PSU's, LED blinder strips, iColor Fresco 4' all weather strips, and numerous others:
  • LIGHTING FIXTURES/ACCESSORIES: ETC Source Four Lekos including some powder coated gold +some beige, Source Four Pars, NEW Inno Four/ETC HMI Lekos, HMI style Source Four Pars w/575 MSD/MSR lamp+ballast, MR16 striplights, R40 striplights, Altman/L+E Cyc Lights 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 cell, PAR20, 46, 56, 64's, Ianiro 5K studio Fresnels, Altman TV Fresnels 650, 1K, 2K, numerous vintage Mole 2+5K Fresnels that can work or be used for props (may be sold prior to auction) Mole 2K zip softlights w/crates, Altman Baby softlights, scoops, nook lights, and many more
  • GRIP + ACCESSORIES: stands, c-stands, gobo arms, stirrups, clamps, steel +aluminum Cheseboros, loads of gel frames, scrims, lenses, sandbags, barndoors, top hats, grip hardware, parts.
  • WYBRON EQUIPMENT‎: large quantity of all sizes of Wybron scrollers for pars, Lekos, 5k's, cycs, 8-lites plus dousers/shutters, power supplies, many mounting plates, plus Morpheus Colorfader scrollers + power supplies.
  • CASES: large quantity of road cases including chain hoist cases, various size flat screen cases single + dual, cable trunks, projector cases, 19" racks, lots of lens cases including 20+ new, fog/hazer cases, new podium cases w/new lexan podiums, projector hanging cages, empty moving light cases.
  • RIGGING: wire rope slings 5, 10, 20, 30' x 3/8" +more, 5/8 shackles, span sets, gac flex, grapples, 7 pin soco motor cables, Skjonberg control items, ‎truss bases, brackets, +more.
  • VIDEO:‎. MAGNETIC 3D glasses free flat screens w/towers 55+42", quantity of 42, 50'+other flat screen monitors, Marshall monitors, Leitch + Miranda +other assorted cards,

INSPECTION: Thursday, August 25th By Appointment Only
REMOVAL: Wednesday, August 31st-Friday September 2nd By Appointment Only
For Appointments Contact Auctioneer’s Office at 617.964.1886 or
Arrow Express at 516.867.4366 or
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