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Surplus to Ongoing Operations of Aggressive Sound, Inc.

Auction type: Online Only

Sale Date:
Bidding Opens Monday, March 20th at 9 A.M. ET
Bidding Closes Thursday, March 23rd Starting at 10 A.M. ET

311 Grant Ave.
Auburn, New York 13021



  • AVID VENUE SC48 Digital Mixing Console, 48 channel x 16 outputs, with MT Roadcase with doghouse and LED little lights, all accessories, used VERY little, MINT Condition.
  • YAMAHA QL-5 Digital Mixer, 32 channel/ 16 outputs, Road case, little lights, MINT, used less than 12 times; YAMAHA QL-1 Digital Mixer, 16 channel/ with Optional 16 outputs, Pelican case, MINT COND; YAMAHA LS-9 Digital Mixer, 32 channel, road case, perfect shape; YAMAHA M7-CL48, Digital Mixer, 48 channel, MT roadcase, Littlelights, cover, Perfect shape; YAMAHA M3000, 40 channel, 8 output, FOH Mixing console, littlelights, Roadcase, PSU; YAMAHA PM1800, 40 channel, 8 output FOH Mixing Console, case, little lights, works very well, best condition PM1800 available, includes custom "over-console" woodgrain FX Rack
  • MIDAS SIENA, 48 channel/ 16 output, Monitor Mixing Console, littlelights, cover, Factory Roadcase, Perfect condition; MIDAS VERONA 480, 48 channel, 8 output FOH Mixing Console, littlelights, cover, Factory Roadcase, Perfect condition; MIDAS VERONA 560, 56 channel, 8 output FOH Mixing Console, littlelights, Factory Roadcase, Perfect Condition
  • SOUNDCRAFT SPIRIT 32 channel, 8 output, FOH console, Littlelights, roadcase, PSU, A-1; SOUNDCRAFT SPIRIT 32 channel, 12 output, Monitor console, little lights, road case. PSU very good shape; SOUNDCRAFT SPIRIT 40 channel, 12 output, Monitor console, littlelights, PSU, A-1 condition; SOUNDCRAFT SM12, 48 channel/ 12 output Monitor Console, littlelights, cover, PSU, A-1


  • 1X RAPCO/HORIZON ETHERCON Digital Audio Snake, 4 channels, 300' long…NEW
  • 1X YAMAHA RIO/DANTE 1608D, Digital Audio Snake head, BRAND NEW IN BOX
  • ELITE CORE SUPERCAT6, Digital Audio Snake with Ethercon, 300' long, like new


  • 18X EAW KF850 Speaker Cabinets, #1 Most requested speaker cabinet in the history of live sound!, includes cloth speaker covers and dollyboards, EP6, very clean and excellent cond; 16X EAW SB1000ZR Subwoofers, 2x18", NL/ EP4 on all, freshly painted and very good cond; 6X EAW SB850RD2, 2x18" Subwoofers, EP4, freshly painted and very good condition
  • 12X APOGEE AE-5 Speakers, 8 with NL4, 4 with EP4, all working and sounding A-1; 8X APOGEE flybar/yoke-style for AE-5 speakers for individually flying speakers, clean
  • **RARE** 1x CERWIN-VEGA 189E 18" per huge 4'x4'x20" W-Type enclosure, NL4 equipped, these are from liquidation of MCA movie-theaters that were SENSURROUND fitted for movies such as Earthquake, etc…mostly equipped with original (factory reconed with CERWIN-VEGA 189E recone parts), fantastic dance club subwoofers and collectors items…SUPER RARE…
  • 6X CERWIN-VEGA 189E, Replacement speakers for SENSURROUNDS, Fresh factory recones using 189E parts…raw speakers for Audiophiles….***RARE***
  • 2X ALTEC LANSING #515B, 15", 16ohm, original speakers from VOICE OF THE THEATER speakers, for the Audiophile, **very rare** and also the cross-over to those cabinets, the ALTEC N-500-G Dividing Network, all work perfectly
  • 16X CGM Speaker system, 3-way, (8x 15"/horn trap tops and 8x 2x15" trap lows), all working perfectly and in good physical shape
  • 10 (or more) JBL 4604 BI-AMP Monitor Wedges, with 15" and horn with NL4 connectors
  • 12 (or more) YAMAHA SM15 passive Monitor wedges, 15" and horn with NL4, all good; 3x YAMAHA SW118, subs, all good; 8x (or more), YAMAHA S115 trap speaker cabs with 15' and 2X S112 with 12", all good
  • 2x BEHRINGER Powered Speaker with 15", and in road case, sold as pair, perfect shape
  • 2x TURBOSOUND TMS-3 speaker cabinets, 3 way, with caster boards, EP6, working fine; 2x TURBOSOUND TMS-2 speaker cabinets, 3-way; 2X TURBOSOUND TXD-580, 3-way speaker cabinets, fresh Turbo-Blue paint, work perfect
  • 4x (or more) YORKVILLE BI-AMP or Passive Monitor wedges w/15" and 2"
  • 16x BAG END SYSTEMS, Custom Main PA, 4 with 8x 12" and 2" JBL, 4 with 4x 15" and 2x coaxial horns, 8 with 4x 18" subwoofers, ozite carpeted, marine grade 13 ply, with NL8 on tops and NL4 on subs….check these out, perfect large club system.
  • 6x McCAULLEY 3-way boxes, each with 2X 15", 1X 12", 1X JBL 2", NL8 connectors,


(aprox 80% of power amps are packed in original packing material)

  • 50X (or more) QSC PLX Power Amps, 34x PLX 1602, 14x PLX 3402, perfect shape; 6X (or more) CROWN XLS Digital Power Amps; 10X (or more) ASHLY FTX-2001 Power Amps , and a couple FTX-2000 amps; 4X MACKIE 1400i Power Amps; 10X (or more) BEHRINGER Europower Power Amps, some EP2500, EP4000, all good; 3x CARVER PM 1400, Stereo Power Amps, all work perfectly; Misc POWER AMPS, American Audio, Peavy, Crest, ETC.


(note** about 75% of rack gear is in original packing boxes)

  • 1X BROOKE-SIREN FDS-336 Processor, 2 in/ 6 outs, MINI-DRIVE, like new; 6X BROOKE-SIREN FDS-360 Cross-Overs, stereo 3-way/mono 4-way, new relay updates done already and all tested and functioning perfectly; 1X BROOKE-SIREN FDS-320 Cross-Over, stereo 2-way/ mono 3-way, A-OK
  • 1X ROLAND SDE3000 Digital Delay; 6x ROLAND SDE1000 Digital Delays
  • 16X (or more) ASHLY GQX-3102 Third Octave Stereo EQ's; 2x ASHLY GQX-1502 Stereo 15 band EQ's; 2X ASHLY GQX-3101 Mono EQ'
  • 2x YAMAHA SPX990 Multi-FX Processors; 4x YAMAHA SPX900 Multi-FX Processors; 4X YAMAHA SPX 90II Multi-FX Processors; 6X YAMAHA SPX90 Multi-FX Processors; note- all SPX units have been serviced and are totally functional and clean; 1X YAMAHA REV500 Reverb unit; 1x YAMAHA GC2020B Dual Compressor/Limiter
  • Approx 40 various BEHRINGER Rack-Mount units, Composers, Multi-Coms, Multi-Gates, Ultra-Graph, Feedback Destroyers, (most Pro versions), etc
  • 4x RANE AD22B, Digital Time Alignment units; 6x RANE FRS/FME 15 Modular EQ's; 2X YAMAHA 2031 EQ's; 4X (or more) DBX 166 and 166A stereo Compressor/Limiters; 1X DRAWMER DS404, Quad Noise Gate; 1x SONY MINI DISC Player, rack-mt, 1 rack space. Mint.; 1x LEXICON PCM42 Digital Delay. MINT.


  • 3X SHURE BETA 58A, LX Series, Wireless Hand-Held Mics, work fine; 10X (or more) SHURE SM57 Microphones; 10X (or more) SHURE SM58 Microphones; 4X SHURE BG 4.1 Condensor Microphones
  • 3x AUDIO TECHNICA, STAGE8, Wireless Lav Mic Systems, like new in boxes; 4X EV 308/408B Drum Mics; 4X EV 257B/357B Vocal Mics; 4x CAD AUDIO EQUITEK E-1000, Large Element Condensor Mics; 8x BEHRINGER ULTRA-DI, Active DI Boxes; 6X (or more) BEHRINGER Condensor Mics, C-1 and C-2
  • 16X (or more) MIC STANDS, ATLAS MS10C with AKG Boom Arms, plus short/medium stands; 24X (or more) MICROPHONE CABLES, Various Length


  • 1X INTELLISTAGE ALL-TERRAIN TYPE, Complete STAGE, 28 total Decks, Side Pieces, Legs, Bracing, Adjustable Feet, 38" tall plus extension tubes to make 48"Tall, Can make a 24'x 16' plus 8'x8' drum riser Stage, on Caster Board Plates and straps


  • 1X VESTAX PRO-07 DJ Mixer, like new in box; 1X PIONEER DJM600, DJ Mixer; 2X TECHNIC SL1200 TURNTABLES, with cartridges, with road cases; 1x PIONEER CDJ1000 DJ CD Player, in Road Case;
  • 1X NAKAMICHI MR-2 CASSETTE DECK, rack-mt, RARE VINTAGE, Working fine; 1x YAMAHA C-300 CASSETTE DECK, rack-mt, plays/records fine;
  • 1X LOT DJ DANCE Lights, misc makes/models, and numerous SMOKE MACHI


  • 2X A.T.C. GRANDMA, FULL SIZE, In Road Cases, Solid State drives and serviced working perfectly
  • 1X HIGH END SYSTEMS ROADHOG3, in Case, working perfectly;
  • 1X LEPRECON LP-1536, 36 channel Controller, total upgrade, perfect, new faders,etc; 1X LEPRECON MX2400 DIMMER PACK, rack-mt, Stage Pin outputs, in rack, A-OK; 3X LEPRECON MX2400 Stage Pin Back Panels for MX2400
  • 6X HIGH END SYSTEMS AF1000 DATA FLASH, Strobe Lights All Work 100%;2x HIGH END SYSTEMS, Mini-Controller for AF1000 Strobes; 16X (or more) HIGH END SYSTEMS TRACKSPOTS, serviced and all 100% good; 4X HIGH END SYSTEMS UNIVERSAL CONTROLLER for Trackspots
  • 1X CITC LIL BLIZZARD SNOW Machine with remote, works fine
  • 72x PAR 64, PENN FAB Brand, Mounted in 18 racks of 4, Wired internally to MULTI-PIN and including 18X POWER CABLES, Multi-Pin to stage pin/Edison, various length, includes 500 watt lamps
  • 2X ETC SOURCE4 ZOOM LEKO's, 20-50 degree adjustable zoom, with Lamps; 8X ETC SOURCE4 PARS, With Lamps and Clamps


  • 24X (or more), NEUTRIK NL8 and NL4 SPEAKER CABLES, Various Length; 16X (or more), HOSA PATCH SNAKES, TRS insert, 1/4", ETC, various length


  • 72x Barco Ilite BK6 Video Wall w/ Cases
  • 78x Barco Slite IP65 Video Wall
  • 65x Barco Ilite XP6 Video Wall

INSPECTION: Thursday, March 16th By Appointment Only