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Surplus to the operations of CP Communications, Metrovision, PAL TV East and others

Auction type: Online Only

Sale Date:
Bidding Opens: Fri. June 2nd at 9:00 AM ET
Bidding Closes: Wed. June 7th Starting at 10:00 AM ET

15 Ninnie Drive
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590



  • 40 Foot straight RF truck, Rack ready, No Mast (Subject to prior sale)

Audio Consoles

  • Stagetec Aurus 40 Fader Control Surface with 48 mic in/64 line in/88 out/32 AES in/32 AES out/4 AES XLR/6 comms/9 madi in 5 Base Devices and 1 Star (Available for sale prior to auction)
  • Stagetec Crescendo 24 fader Control Surface with 16 mic in/48 line in/40 out/12 AES in/4 AES out/4 AES XLR/2 comms/6 madi in 4 Base Devices and 1 Star (Available for sale prior to auction)
  • Midas Verona 480 48 Channel; Midas Venice 320 32 Channel; Allen & Heath GL3300 16 Channel, Allen & Heath GL3300EX 16 Channel Sidecar; Allen & Heath GR1


  • Calient S320 Optical Circuit Switch, 320 Port
  • Evertz Xenon XE4 64X64 Router Frame populated 32X32 HD/SD-SDI Video with (2) CP6400 XY Panels
  • FOR.A HVS-1500HS Hanabi 16 Input, 1 ME HD Switcher

Cameras, Lenses and Support

  • (2) ARRI Alexa Plus w/120 FPS License; (2) Sony PXW-FS7 4K Camcorders; (3) Canon C300 EF Camcorders (2) Sony HDC-1500 Cameras; (2) Sony PDW-F800 XDCamHD Camcorders; (3) Sony PDW-700 XDCamHD Camcorders; (4) Sony RCP-750 Remotes; Sony HDW-F900 HDCAM Camcorder; Panasonic AG-3D1AP 3D Camera; (3) Panasonic AJ-HPX3700 P2 HD Camcorder; (2) Panasonic AJ-HPX500 P2 HD Camcorder Qty Sony BVP-950, BVP-570 Cameras with CCU-700s; Sony DSR-450WSP PAL Camcorder
  • Set of Zeiss Digi Prime Lenses
  • (7) Fujinon HA13X4.5BERM HD Wide Angle; (2) Canon HJ11ex4.7B IRS HD Wide Angle
  • Angenieux 72X Box Lens; Qty Assorted B4 Zoom Lenses
  • (10) Sachtler Video 20 Tripods; Sachtler Video 18II Tripod; (2) Vinten HDT-1 Heavy Duty Legs; (2) Vinten 3497-3C Dollies; Studio 7 Jib; Matthews Doorway Dolly
  • (2) Avalon DX604 Wireless RF Video Receiver; Gigawave G-Cam RX Data Back; Total RF PL-DSP-TRF3 Digital signal processor


  • (8) Sony LMD-9050 LCD HD; (11) Sony PVM-740 OLED HD; (10) Marshall V-R72P2SD Dual 7” LCD SD; (2) Marshall V-R82DP-2C Dual 8” LCD SD; Marshall V-R43P Triple 4” LCD SD; (8) Sharp LC-13S1U-S LCD SD; (3) Panasonic BT-LH900 HD LCD; (2) Sharp 75” Smart TV

  • 360 Systems MAXX-2400-HD 4 Channel HD Server with AXP-3 and CXP-1 Options; DNF DMAT-EZ-O-22 Controller
  • Panasonic AJ-HD3700 D5 HD; Panasonic AJ-HD1700 DVCProHD; Panasonic AJ-HD1400 DVCProHD; (5) JVC BR-HD50U HDV; Sony SRW-5800 SRW with 5001, 5802, 5803HQ cards; Sony SRW-5500 SRW with 5001 card; Sony SRW-1/SRPC-1 HDCAM-SR Portable; Sony HDW-M2000 HDCAM; Sony HDW-D1800 HDCAM with HKDW-104; Sony AXS-R5 RAW Recorder


  • Qty Evertz 7700 and 7800 Frames; Lg Qty Evertz 7700 Series Fiber Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers; Evertz 7751SRG-HD Tri-Level Slave Sync; Evertz 7750SRG-HD Tri-Level Sync Gen; (3) Evertz 7720ADC-A4 Quad Analog to Dual AES; (2) Evertz 7867VIPA12-HSN Multiviewer; (20) Evertz 7710DCDA-HD Downconverter & HD DA; Qty Evertz Assorted 7700 series cards and backplanes
  • (2) AJA FR2D Frames each with (8) RH10MD HD Downconverter and HD-SDI/SDI DA


  • (5) Aphex 1788 Mic Pre; (2) ATI DA416 ADA; (3) ATI IHF Interface; (5) ATI MLA800-A 8 Ch. Line Amp; (6) BeeHive DT-12 DEMUX 12 Ch Fiber Receiver; (6) BeeHive DT-12 MUX 12 Ch Fiber Transmitter; Behringer MDX-2200; (4) Behringer ULTRAMATCH PRO SRC2496 Converter; (5) DBX 1046 Quad Comp/Limiter; (3) DBX 1066 Comp/Limiter/Gate; DBX 120A Subharmonic Synthesizer; (8) DBX 160A Comp/Limiter; DBX 266XL Dual Comp/Gate; DBX DDP Digital Dynamics Proc; (2) Dolby DP572 E Decoder; Gaines 848 ADA; Qty Mackie Mixers; Neural Audio MultiMerge DTS 5.1; (3) Rane AVA 22D AV Delay; (3) RTS 4010 IFB; (2) Shure FP-32 Mixers; Shure FP-33 Mixer; (7) Studio Technologies Generation II Stereo Simulator; (12) Symetrix 528 Voice Processor; (25) Symetrix 528E Voice Processor; (37) Symetrix SX-201 Parametric EQ / Preamp; Tandberg MX5210-4 ASI MUX; (5) Tandberg MX5210-8 ASI MUX; Vega R-662 Wireless; (2) Whirlwind DA-2 ADA; (15) Whirlwind SAT-1 Headphone Amp; (7) XTA DS800 Active Splitter; Yamaha GC2020VII Comp/Limiter; (3) Yamaha HA8 Mic Preamp
  • Neuman RM-185 Mic; Sennheiser MKH-418S Stereo Shotgun; AKG D330; Sony C-76 Shotgun

Lighting and Grip

  • Qty Arri Light Kits, Fresnels and HMIs; (2) Joker 400 HMI; Qty Kino Light Kits; Qty Assorted Stands, Grip Stands, Grip equipment; Robert M Julliat HMI Follow Spot

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