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Surplus To Ongoing Operations Of Unique Producers Service

Auction type: Online Only

Sale Date:

Bidding Opens Friday, July 19th at 9:00AM ET
Bidding Closes Wednesday, July 24th Starting at 10:00AM ET


15414 N.W. 34th Avenue
Miami, FL 33054



2004 MQ DCA 1 25 KVATra iler-Mounted Single/3Phase 4961 hrs. John Deere 6CXL 4 Cycle W/M161HY Mover Trailer Whisper Watt/Diesel

2006 MQ 70 KVA Trailer-Mounted Single/3Phase 3340 hrs. John Deere DCA 7055002 W/Mighty Mover Trailer Whisper Watt/Diesel

1993 E&E Company 1 200Amp Crawford Trailer Mount Volvo Penta 16,872 hrs. Model T1071A6/3170A-0813

HMI Heads (Arri, Sunray, LtM)

12/18K Sun Ray Fresnel

12/18K LTM Fresnel

12K Arri Fresnel

6K Arri Fresnel

6K Arri Par 2.5/4K Arri Par

2.5/4K Arri Fresnel

1200W Arri Par 575W Arri Par

125W Pocket Par Arri Kits

6/12K Arri Ballast & Head Cables

2.5/4K Arri Ballast & Head Cables

575/1200 Arri Ballast & Head Cables

4K Par Lens Set Arri

1200W Par Lens Set Arri

575W Par Lens Set Arri


200W Joker Kits

400K Joker Kits

800K Joker Kits

Kino Flo

Vista Beam 600

Flat Head 80's

Blanket Light

Car Kit

200W Diva Light

400W Diva Light 4x4 Kino's

4x2 Kino's

4x1 Kino's

2x4 Kino's

2x2 Kino's

2x1 Kino's

Mole Richardson

10K Baby Fresnel

8K Baby Fresnel

9 Light Maxi Brutes

4K Studio Soft Light

2K Studio Soft Light

2K Soft Lights

2K Studio Fresnel

2K Open Face

2K Molipso 1K Fresnel

1K Mole Pars

1K Soft Lights

1K Fresnel

1K Scoop Lights

9 Light Maxi Brutes Nook Lights

650W Baby Jr.




Miscellaneous Lighting

24 Bulb Ultra Divo

6K Space Lights

SK Sky Pans

SK Pollux Fresnel 9 Light Brutes

1K Strand

1K Par Cans (Par 64)

Coop Lights 6 Bulb

K-S Kit

Aura Soft 4K HMI/Tungsten

LED/Light Panels

1x1 Bi Color Kits

Strip Light Kits



Crank A Vators




Combo's C-Stands

Pee Wee Stands

Arri Stands

Light Stands 2 Risers

Light Stands 3 Risers


100Amp Lunch Boxes

Misc. Cables

Carts & Cases

Western Dolly

Doorway Dollies

Fisher Parts Carts Taco Carts

Head Carts

Grip Carts

Assorted Hard Cases

Inspection – Thursday, July 18th 9:00AM to 4:00PM
Thursday, July 25th 12noon-4pm
Friday, July 26th 8am-4pm
Saturday, July 27th 8am-12noon
Monday and Tuesday July 29th and 30th 8am-4pm
All items must be removed by Tuesday, July 30th NO EXCEPTIONS
For Appointments Contact Auctioneer’s Office at 617.964.1886 or
For Pack & Ship Quotes Contact:
Mary or Ricardo at Pak Mail 305-666-1134 or email at