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695 Johnston Street, Akron, OH 44306



  • *** Over 200 microphones***
  • Shure SM81’s, SM57’s, SM58’s, Beta 91, BG4.1’s, Beta52’s, Beta 57A’s,
  • Beta 58’s, —Sennheiser E604’s, E609’s, —Beh C-1’s and C-2’s —Audio
  • Technica 3000 series wireless systems —Shure wireless Handhelds —Audio
  • Technica Podium Mics —CAD Mics —DI Boxes


Audio Consoles:

  • Yamaha M7 mint
  • 2x Behringer X32 in Gator cases
  • Midas H3000 w/2x PSU, MINT
  • Yamaha PM4000, 2x PSU
  • Midas Siena 480
  • Midas Verona 480 and 560
  • Soundcraft consoles
  • Soundtracs consoles
  • Yamaha MG32/14/FX
  • Yamaha MY8-DA96 output card
  • Lots of Misc Consoles Beh Etc.


Audio Snakes:

  • Many subsnakes, 8, 12, 16 channel 50′ to 75′
  • Many XLR tails to tails snakesMany 1/4” insert and patch snakes



  • DAS AERO50 System with Flybars
  • NEXO Alpha Series System
  • EAW KF850 EF and Z series
  • EAW SB850 Subwoofers
  • EAW KF Flybars and hardware
  • EV ZLX Powered Speakers
  • QSC Powered Speakers
  • Yorkville Elites
  • EV SX A250
  • Yamaha Wedges
  • Bag End Systems speaker systems, quad 18” subs , quad 15” tops with coaxial 15”, 8x 12” tops with 2” JBL horns
  • Many Fresh Reconed Raw Speakers


Power Amps: (most in original boxes)

  • NEXO PS Series amps
  • Crest amps, 2x 8001 and 4801
  • QSC PLX amps, 1602 and 3402 (quantity 40+) —Crown XLS digital amps 1500 and 2500 (20+) —Ashly FTX2001 amps (qty 38+)



  • BSS FDS 336T units (4)
  • BSS FDS 340 and 360 units
  • Drawmer DS201 stereo noisegates
  • Drawmer DS404 quad noisegates
  • DBX compressors, 160A and 166A units
  • SPX 2000 and 1000, 990, 900,90
  • Roland SDE1000 and 3000 and DEP5
  • TC Electronics D-2
  • Beh Shark
  • Beh Composers, multicoms, multigates, superx-pros, ultragraphs, etc. Eventide Harmonizer H3000 —Ashly XR2001 crossovers —Ashly GQX3101 and GQX3102 EQs (qty 12+) —Presonus ACP88 —Rane AD22B digital time alignment units —Furman Light Modules, many PL8 units —TrippLight 2400 voltage reg. Rack mt



    • 65x Acclaim AL-TUBE-PRO-500 weatherproof LED architectural tubes with mounting brackets and cabling
    • 6x Acclaim X-PD-150II DMX Driver packs for tubes (1 is unopened and new)
    • 2x Acclaim XB-R1 DMX Setup control guns for tubes


  • ThomasTomcat PRT 120k rig, complete with 10x Thomas PRT trusses and 120 Tomcat1Ks and 72 channels Leprecon dimming and 20x Socapex cables loomed in 4x 5-nets staggered at 100’-150’, complete Gel stock —wire rope ladders —vertical and horizontal fall arrests —ACL 4-bars, #4552 lamps —Molefays, 8-way Edison —hundreds of par64 lamps — Source4 and Altman Lekos —ADJ ViziBeam5R movers —Elation PlatinumSpot15RB Movers Quad and Dual roadcases for movers —High End Systems Trackspots (16) Blizzard Toughpars Quadras LED —Blizzard Toughsticks LED —Blizzard NorthStar Moving head wash fixtures —Socapex Breakouts and Breakins Socapex cables misc length —Camlock patchbays and wall panels —many DJ Dance Lights —mirrorballs and motors —Leprecon MX2400 dimmers OmniSystems vertical blast smoke machines — misc smoke machines


Laser Systems:

  • Mobolazer ML250 and ML300 Systems, 8 units —NSI MC 1616 DMX controllers —Laser Bounce Mirrors, hundreds —DMX snakes SC100 scanner controllers and heads



  • Cam Lock Feeder cables, 4/0 and 2/0, 100’, 50’, 25’ 5 wire sets and tails —speaker cables of every type, NL8, NL4, EP6, EP4, 1/4”, banana, etc hundreds of speaker cords —AC power cables, hundreds of 10/3, 12/3, 14/3, 16/3 quad boxes with Hubbel —1/4” patch, 1/8” stereo, RCA thousands of patch cables —Hosa insert snakes galore



  • BARCO Video walls, complete turnkey systems with cases and processors and all cabling needed complete, many models —Casio Slim Green Hybrid Projectors —Video Screens —Video cables, amps etc —Edirol V-4 Video Mixer —Video monitors



  • Road Cases and Racks of All Sorts, Fans, Covers, Dollies, Tools


Inspection & Removal – BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
INSPECTION: Thursday, October 25th, 9AM to 4PM
REMOVAL: Monday to Wednesday, November 5th to 7th
Paul J. Finn, OH Lic. # 2004000212
Joseph Finn Co., Inc. OH Lic. #2008000194

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