Assets Formerly of Anika Therapeutics

Auction Type: Online Only

Sale Date:
Sale Opens Monday, May 6th at 9:00AM ET
Sale Closes Wednesday, May 8th Starting at 11:00AM ET

1 National Street, Milford, Massachusetts


  • Seidenader V90-AVSB/60-Lr Inspection Machine
  • Ampak Cp-4200 Blister Sealer
  • Accraply Model 1502
  • VWR Recirculator
  • Lancer 1600 Pro SS Washer
  • Mettler Toledo High Speed Check Weigher System
  • 40LPiston Discharge Tank
  • Allen Bradley Control Panel
  • FTS Systems Vacuum Pump
  • Adtech Machine
  • Leica S4E Microscope
  • Bausch & Lomb Microscope
  • Boato Pack OP G200
  • Nuova Protex Winder
  • Fadis RPV 90
  • Shima Seike SFF 131
  • Buchi R-205 Rotovapor
  • Atom Se8 Clicker Press
  • Assorted Spare Parts
  • Assorted Stainless Steel Tables
  • Assorted Stainless Steel Tanks And Vessels
  • Assorted Metro Racks
  • Assorted Boxes


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