Assets Formerly of Connecticut Color

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Bidding Opens Tuesday, October 29th at 9:00 AM ET
Bidding Closes Tuesday, November 5th Starting at 11:00 AM ET

127 Pomeroy Ave, Meriden, Connecticut 06450


New Lots Just Added to Auction:

Rollem Insignia IS7DM 30” rotary die cutter, s/n 145 with stripping, shingle delivery and receding stacker delivery. Comes with a quantity of Mag Die supplies.

Moll Marathon pocket folder/ gluer, s/n 1635 with GluBind, Moll Final Fold s/n 1635 and moll Dial-a-stack delivery.

2000 Muller Prima S saddlestitcher with (4) Md. 370 gathering pockets, Md. 1529 cover feeder, Md. 380 stitcher and Md. 361 three knife trimmer w/Apollo stacker; 11,877 total operating hours indicated; S/N MNZO 319918

1986 Thomas Saroglia 20” x 28” autofed platen die cutter/foil stamper; S/N 8618330

Sterling S64 two station tipper

2002 Heidelberg-Stahl MWS-D78 perf/score unit w/continuous feeder, feeds 30″ max width sheets into MWS triple shaft perf scoring unit; S/N FH EJAB-0004

A.B Dick 360 1/C offset duplicator w/ T51 T-Head

A.B Dick 360 1/C offset duplicator

Challenge EH3A 3 hole paper drill; S/N 63011



2007 Polar Model 115XT, 45″ Paper Cutter, s/n 7731942, Air Table, Side Tables, Light, Curtain, 2006 Polar Model TRI30ER-5 Transomat Automatic Loader, s/n 7693425

2005 Polar Model 115X, 45″ Paper Cutter, s/n 7532005, Air Table, Secondary Tables, Light Curtain, 2008 Polar Model TRI30EL-5 Transomat Automatic Loader, s/n 7893139

1996 Polar Model 115ED, 45″ Paper Cutter, s/n 6631361, Light Curtain, Back Gauge, Digital Control

2007 Polar RA 4 Jogger s/n 7782608, Quartzell 50 Lb. Cap. Digital Scale



Muller Martini 335 Saddle Stitcher/Booklet Maker System (1995), Complete w/(6) Model 306-0400 Single Pocket Inserters, s/n 91.02425, (3) .02427, (2) 99.25419, Model 1529.045 Cover Feeder, s/n 948999, 1995 Model .0335.0401 Saddle Stitcher w/(4) Heads, s/n 91-02425, Right Angle Conveyor, Model 360.0400, 3-Knife Trimmer w/4th & 5th Knife, s/n 91.02425, 1995 Model 1540 Apollo Stacker, s/n 949048, (1995) Model 225.8400 Delivery Table/Conveyor, s/n 97.01018

2003 Heidelberg Model 705-B, 6-Pocket Saddle Stitcher, (SP 705A-4BA), s/n SL136, Complete w/Pace-Setter 3-Knife Cutoff, 1999 Rima Stacker, Model RS-105 9 1/4′, Blower, 4-Stitch Heads, s/n 1055 29-10,

Bostitch No. 2-AW Single Head Stitcher, s/n G286080



1994 Heidelberg/Harris Model M1000BE, 5-Color Single Web Offset Printing Press, s/n 0B7494-5 (Refurbished Cylinders 2009), 38″ x 22 3/4″ Cap., 22 3/4″ Cut-Off, Butler Model 6000 Datamat Splicer, T23B In-Feed, 3600 Lb. Hoist, Servo Drive, 300 HP Main Drive Motor, M5-BE Printing Units, Makotek Pattern Re-Moist Gluer 1594, Thermo Electron Gas Fired 35′, 7-Zone, Dryer, ID #DT94502-94-7-744, Harris 6-Roll Chill Stand w/Servo Drive, WPC 9400 Steering Control, WPC 9500 Cut-Off Control, WPC CCR Register Control, WPC Pattern Perforator, WPC Horizontal Silicone Applicator, Harris TCF70 Combination Folder, s/n 37A-015-TCF70, w/Double Parallel Capability & Former By-Pass, 2004 Vits Model QRO Rotocut-S Sheeter, s/n 913, Heidelberg/Harris Telecolor II Control Console, (PCS), Microtrak 9400 Controls, s/n 37A-015-TCF70, APOS Vibra Pak

1985 Harris Model M1000-A2, 6-Color Double Web Offset Printing Press, s/n G12259-4, -3, -2, -1, G12178-5, -1 (Rebuilt by Graphic Innovators – 2008), 38″ x 22 3/4″ Cap., 22 3/4″ Cut-Off, Double Pass Press w/(2) Butler Model 6000 Datamat Splicers, 3500 Lb. Hoist, s/n J5283-21, Harris T23 In-Feed w/Servo Drive, 6-Printing Units w/Baldwin Spray Dampening, TEC 27′ Gas Fired, Bottom-Pass Dryer w/Automatic Doors, TEC 12′ Series 80 Gas Fired, Upper-Pass Dryer, Upper & Lower 4-Roll Chill Stand w/Servo Drives, WPC-Series 9400 Steering Box, Innolutions Closed Loop Color System, Baldwin Pattern Perforator Unit, Ryco Silicone Applicator, Beiren Model 3845 Combination Folder w/Former By-Pass, Harris Double Former Folder, s/n 12038, Vits Sheeter w/Quadtech PPC 3000 Cut-Off Control, QTI Automatic Registration, Telecolor Control Console w/Electronic Controls, New Allen-Bradley 200 HP Main Drive, Main Drive Console w/Allen-Bradley Touch Screen Controls, PanelView PWS1000 Microtrak 9400 Guides

1987 Miller Model Web 66, 6-Color Web Offset Printing Press, s/n 21331, Cut-Off, 26 1/2″ Width Cap. w/Butler 4000 Splicer, In-Feed, 3000 Lb. Hoist, Work #62680007, Dahlgren Dampening, Blava Inline Remoist Gluer, Innotech Inline Remoist Gluer, 1987 Thermo-Electron 19′ Gas Fired, 4-Zone Dryer, s/n OF-4142, Thermo-Electron-Thermochill Stand, s/n 96-163, 2/87, APS Round Hole Perf. Unit, Blava-Litho-Perf. Unit, Miller Johannesburg Model 121 Combination Folder, s/n 21336, Oxy-Dri Sheeter, Offset Inline Finishing w/Custom (Economy Machine) Round Hole Punch Unit, Blava Wet Flap Gluer, Blava Model ILF26A Plow Station, s/n 871-8W-282, Blava Die Cutter, s/n 92-02W-516, Blava Model IFL26B Plow Station, s/n 871-8W282, Spec Rotary Gap Cutter, s/n S-2613, w/WPC Microtrak Electronic Cut-Off Control, Exit Conveyors, Miller C3 Unimatic Control Console w/Quad/Tech RGS IV Registration System, AEC Vibrator Cooling & FB-Technocrats Model BM5 Manual Plate Bender, s/n 12834



MBO Model B26S-C Dual Feed Folder, s/n Z12/27, 4/4 Continuous Feed, 26″ Cap., Perfection Vacuum Feeding System w/MC Counter/Control, Exit Belt Conveyor, MBO Right Angle Model 2-26/4, s/n 01/52

MBO Model B26S-C Dual Feed Folder, s/n Z01/52, 4/4 Continuous Feed, 26″ Cap., Perfection Vacuum Feeding System (Dualfeed) w/MC Counter/Control, Order 16636, MBO Right Angle Exit Belt Conveyor

MBO Model B26S-C Dual Feed Folder, s/n T10/74, 4/4 Continuous Feed, 26″ Cap., Perfection Vacuum Feeding System w/MC Counter/Control, Order #14537, 26/4 Folder, Exit Conveyor

MBO Model B30-C, 30″ Continuous Feed Folder, s/n J.0618, 4/4/4 w/MCC2 Electronic Counter, MBO Folder, 2006 MBO Stacker, s/n 81765

Heidelberg Model TI-1-36/6/6-F1-NFS Pile Feed 14″ Folder, Complete w/Rollaways & Digital Counter Control, s/n 705898-307102

MBO Model B26-C, 26″ Continuous Feed Folder, s/n N5/55, 4/4/4 w/Electric Counter, MCC3, MBO B26-1-2614, Order #951 Folder

MBO Model B26-C, 26″ Continuous Feed Folder, s/n P11/50, w/MBO Gatefold Attachment, B26-1-26215, MCC3 Electric Counter, MBO Right Angle Attachment, s/n P11/50

MBO Model B30-C Continuous Feed Folder, s/n L07/09, w/MCC3 Counter, Control, Order #P6660, Exit Conveyor, Dynatec Gluer

MBO Model B30-1-30/4 Continuous Feed Folder, s/n J02/121, w/MCC3 Counter, Control, Order #P4571, Exit Conveyor

MBO Model B123-C Pile Feed Folder, Order #960849, s/n N11/07, MCC Counter, Control, MBO Stacker, Exit Conveyor

MBO Z-2 Knife Unit s/n H 8294045



2003 Palamides Model Delta 703 Stream Delivery Automatic Bander w/Air Jets s/n 13.00410, 3-Banding Heads, PLC Control, Portable Base, Elevating Unit, s/n 1423

2006 Dynaric Model D2400 Automatic Strapping Machine, 23″ Bundle Cap., s/n 111A030608012

2007 PAC Model PSM1412-1C3A Automatic Strapping Machine w/Portable Base, s/n 709116866

2009 PAC Model PSM1412-1C3A Automatic Strapping Machine w/Portable Base, s/n 905136676

(3) Wexler Model ATS-CE 240/30 Portable Automatic Single Bundle Banding Machines, s/n 08991, 08860, 08376,

(3) Wexler ATS JD240 Portable Automatic Single Bundle Banding Machines, s/n 7076, 7075, NA

Wexler JD340 Portable Automatic Single Bundle Banding Machines, s/n 6718



(4) Kirk-Rudy Mail Bases w/Tabber Heads, 535-C5, s/n 0807-1752, 1928 & N/A

Kirk-Rudy Model 224 Feeder Base, s/n 0603-410, Kirk-Rudy Conveyor

Kirk-Rudy Model 219-N Inkjet Addressing Unit, s/n 0603-0943, Kirk-Rudy Model 881-3 Dryer, s/n 0603-0858

2008 Kirk-Rudy Model 219V Imager Inkjet Addressing System, s/n 0805-1293, w/Mail Base, Stream Feeder, s/n 2809-157, NM 100 Controller

2008 Kirk-Rudy Model 445 Turnover Conveyor, s/n 0809-301

Kirk-Rudy Model 219-FM Feeder, s/n 0905-1398, Kirk-Rudy Model 219RSF Feeder, s/n 0905-1397, GM5 Model 14-2 Glue Dispenser Converge, 900 Stream Feeder

Kirk-Rudy Model 215SP-20 Tip-On Machine, s/n 0905-07306

(2) Bell & Howell Pinnacle Mailstar 400 Automatic 6-Pocket Inserters, s/n 51315A & 51348A, Complete w/Exit Belt Conveyor



2017 Quincy QVG-100 Rotary Air Compressor s/n UTY303883, 11,560 Hours

2004 MTA Model DEGO520 Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer, s/n 2200033424, w/Vertical Air Receiver Tank

1998 Gardner Denver Model EBH99D16, 50 HP Rotary Air Compressor, Auto Sentry ES+ Programmable Electronic Control, s/n S022741



2005 Tann Model LC795, RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, Pollution Control After Burner System, 8000-SCFM, 60 HP Main Blower, Gas Burner, 2-Tank System w/RTO Control Cabinet w/PLC, s/n 1075-05, Associated Equipment



2008 Carrier Aqua Snap Model 30RBA08064-5-3 Chiller w/(4) Integral Compressors & Fans, s/n 1508Q85740, AEC Maximizer Heat Exchanger w/(8) Fans, Carrier Split System Model 09DE054600, s/n 4293698



Hyster Model S80 XKL 2BC Forklift Truck, s/n D004D05700V, 5750 Lb. Cap., Roll Clamp, OROP, Solid Tires

Raymond Model 102T-F45L Walker-Style Electric Pallet Jacks, 4500 Lb. Cap., 24 V w/Battery Charger, s/n 102-04-00692 & 102-07-08482

Sky-Jack Model 3220 Electric Scissor Lift, s/n N/A

Vestil Manual/Hydraulic 2200 Lb. Cap. High Lift Scissor Action Pallet Jack

Presto Model EL852-2000 Push-Around Electric/Hydraulic Straddle Stacker Forklift, 110 V, 60″ Mast, s/n 0186



2004 Pennsylvania Model 7600 Platform Scale w/20 Lb. Platform, Control, 48″ Floor Base

Samuel Model Defender Rotary Pallet Wrapper, s/n 2193

Heat-Seal Model HS-115T Electric Conveyor Heat Shrink Tunnel, 6″ x 15″ Tunnel w/Wrap & Seal Unit, s/n NKA17247



2004 Creo Model Trendsetter 800 II, Direct to Plate Setter, 33″ x 45″ Max. Cap., Complete w/Dedicated Creo/Dell Workstation, s/n TM540

Kodak CTP Quartz 850 Plate Processor, s/n 104254, w/Dedicated Thermo Chiller,

Wisconsin Model SPC-34-HTS-109 Conveyor Electric Plate Curing Oven, 707 Deg. F Max. Temperature, Associated Equipment, s/n 095560408

Epson Model Stylus Pro 7890 Proofer, Complete w/Double Media Guide

Epson Model Stylus Pro 9900 Proofer

Burgess/Carlson Automatic Plate Bender, 38″ Cap., s/n N/A


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Inspection: Monday, October 28 – 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
For Other Days Contact Auctioneers Offices
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Wednesday, Nov. 6th to Friday, Nov. 8th
Monday, Nov. 11th to Friday, Nov. 15th
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