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Removal will begin on Wednesday, April 22nd to Friday May 1st from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

9 Creek Pkwy, Boothwyn, PA 19061


A discounted 18% BP for buyers paying via Cash, Cashier’s Check, Company Check or Wire Transfer will apply to your purchase or 21% BP for any buyers paying via Credit Card. (Example: a $100 purchase paying by cash instrument the total with BP is $118 and a $100 purchase paying via credit card the total with BP is $121)


Featured Items

Lab Equipment

2018 Waters UPLC w/Acquity UPLC PDA Detector, Acquity H Class UPLC Plus Sample Manager FTN-H, Acquity H Class UPLC Plus Quaternary Solvent Manager

2016 Waters UPLC w/Acquity UPLC PDA Detector, Acquity H Class UPLC Sample Manager FTN-H, Acquity H Class UPLC Quaternary Solvent Manager

2016 Waters UPLC w/Acquity QDA Detector, Acquity UPLC PDA Detector, Acquity UPLC H Class Sample Manager-FTN, Acquity UPLC H Class Quaternary Solvent Manager

2018 ESS Technologies SF20 Syringe Vial & Filling Machine, w/(2) Fanuc Robot LR Mate 200ID Robots, 2016 w/ 2 Fanuc System R-30IB Mate Controls, Bausch Semi-Auto Dosing Fillter w/Control, Pendant Control, Camfil Hepa Filters, Solid State Control

Mettler Toledo XPR6UD5 Balance w/RS-P42 Printer

Perkin Elmer Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectometer

WFI Distribution Skid, s/n MDS2017A0010, Allen Bradley Panelview 700, 1996 Precision Stainless Vessel, 400 Litre, 50 PSI at 300 Deg. F, 316L SS, Vacuum Design, 15 PSI, Mettler Toledo 4000TOC Sensor, Mettler Toledo M300 Transmitter, Skid Mounted

2016 IWT Type W300-25 Stainless Component Washer, s/n 141129, Simatic HMI Touch Control, (2) SS Carts

2016 Getinge Kemiterm 200 P.F.S. Pure Steam Generator s/n 1606835, Allen-Bradley PanelView 550 Control, w/Electro Steam LB-150 Steam Boiler s/n 42022, 15 BPH, 150KW, 100 Max. Pressure, Mettler Toledo Thornton 200CR Conductivity Resistivity Meter

2017 Evoqua MFXR41002A Vantage Series RO w/Vantage PTC System, 2017 Aquafine SL-1 Pass Thru Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit, Poly & DI Tanks, Sand Filter

2016 Bausch 533 Semi-Automatic Dosing Machine w/Panasonic Control

2018 Bausch 511 Semi-Automatic Closing Machine w/Panasonic Control

(2) Mettler Toledo XPE32001L Digi Scale w/Enclosure & Pointer

(2) Tema AGLTS Automatic Glove Leak Test Systems

2 2016 BWTEK Nano Ram BWS456-785Handheld Raman Spectrometers

Mettler Toledo XPE105 StaticDetect 120g Digi Scale w/Enclosure & Printer

Nautilus Systems PR-100i-600 Tube Pro High Resolution Thermal Transfer Print Machine

2004 Steris V-148S Prevac Steam Sterilizer, Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 700

Mettler Toledo XPR305D5 Digi Scale w/Printer

Mettler Toledo Digital Scale, Mod. XPR64001L

CrownTonka Walk In Cooler, Larkin 2-Cell Blower, (4) Shelves, Approx. 10′ x 8′ x 8′, No Floor w/Compressor on Roof

Harford Walk In Freezer, Russell 2-Blower Unit, Approx. 6′ x 6′ x 10′ w/Floor & Compressor on Roof

MSA Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System

Metrohm 890 Titrando w/803 T1 Stand

Metrohm 905 Titrando w/804 T1 Stand, 801 Stirrer

Norlake 3-Door Stability Chamber, Heat, Humidity, NSRI803WSW/OH

Mettler Toledo XPE-205DR DeltaRange Balance w/RS-P42 Printer

Norlake NSPR522WWWW/O 2-Door Stability Chamber, Heat, Humidity/ Norrlake Rec

GE Sievers M9 Laboratory TOC Analyzer w/Auto Sampler w/P.C.

Evoqua MFXR41002A Vantage Series RO System, Mettler Toledo M300 Water Gauge, Evoqua 316L S.S. Treatment Chamber Sterilizer, Pumps, Sand Filter

(2) Mettler Toledo XPE304 Digi Scale w/Printer

Mettler Toledo XPE-205DR DeltaRange Balance w/RS-P42 Printer & Granite Base

2018 Elga PF2XXXXM1-US Water DI System, Chorus Filter

VWR Advanced Digital Shakers, Mod. 5000

2016 Nuaire NU-201-630 Series 63 6′ Fume Hood

GE Wave 20/50 EHT Bio Reactor Base

Camfil GS-1829*610-11/225′ Fume Hood w/UV

Mettler Toledo ML1602T/OG Digi Scale w/Enclosure, 1620g

Sartorius Stedim Plastic Tube Welder w/Biosealer

TSI Velocicalc Air Velocity Meter, Mod. 9535

Keyence SK-H050 Handheld Static Sensor

Mettler Toledo Thornton CA4SST Module, Mod. 775-LA2 w/M200 Readout

Germfree CSES-4SS S.S. Glove Box, s/n 4S-15-CS-16027

Labconco S-5002 Precise Hepa-Filtered Glove Box

(2) Darwin Chambers PH084-SS-DA & PH055-SS-DA 2- 3-Door S.S. Incubator

VWR HCPP-23 Lab Refrigerator

Grundfos A-FGJ-G-E-HQQE Pump

Bolton BT800 Lathe/Miller

Biomerieux Chemunex Scan RDI Analyzer, s/n CS2-222, w/Opticon Scanner & Dell PC

Met One 3445 Particle Counter w (5) MAS-100VF

2016 Nuaire NU-SPR797-400 Series SP25 Pharmagard 797ES Positive Pressure Recirculating Compounding Aseptic Isolator

2015 BD FACS MicroCount Flow Cytometer, Cat. No. 653573, Type 2UA3470MFN, w/HP Z220 Workstation

Baxter Repeater Pharmacy Pump

Mettler Toledo ML1602T/OG Digi Scale w/Enclosure, 1620g

Camfil GS-1829*610-11/225′ Fume Hood, /UV

AO Smith Cyclone MXI Modulating Hot Water Heater, BTH-199-200, Gas

Particle Sizing Systems PSS-NICOMP Accusizer 780 Optical Particle Sizer w/LE400-05 Laser, 780 SIS Inspector, 760C Counter, 2016 w/HP Z240 & HP Z230 PC’s

Agilent Cary 60 UV-VIS Type G6860A

Branson 5800 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Thermolyne Cyclone Muffle Furnace, Mod. FB1315M

2015 Biotek ELX808LBS Absorbance Microplate Reader

2018 Elga PF2XXXXM1-US Water DI System, Chorus Filter



Powerex Dual Rotary Air Compressor, (2) 1011P Rotary Compressors, (2) Air Dryers

Little David Box Taper

20 Ton H-Frame Press

DEA Cage w/Shelving

Peak Air Pressure Gauge

Misc Pippettes

Portable S.S. Cages, Pumps, Assorted Tables, Cabinets, Carts, Wire Decking, Metro Carts, Vidmar Cabinets, Assorted Rice Lake Weights, SS Tables, Justrite Chem Cabinets, Fluke Meters, Glove Boxes, Lab Benches


And Much More!
Complete Photos and Asset Listing Coming Soon!

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