Bindagraphics, Inc.

Auction Type: Online Only

Sale Date:
Bidding Opens Thursday, August 10th, Starting at 9:00 AM
Bidding Closes Thursday, August 17th, Starting at 11:00 AM

2701 Wilmarco Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21223

Largest Trade Bindery On The East Coast


Major Equipment Available Prior to Auction Sale:

For Pre-Auction Sales, Contact: Ross Finn at 617-964-1886 or or

Joe Koravos at 603-474-7455 or



1992 Bobst Autoplaten SP 130-ER II 51” Blanker Die Cutter s/n 0577-015-01, 48,814 hrs., 2 Quicklock Stripping and Blanking Frames

1993 Bobst Autoplaten SP-102-SE 40” Die Cutter w/ Stripping, s/n 0571-134-02

1995 Bobst Autoplaten SP-126-BMA 49 ½” Foil Stamper Die Cutter s/n 0572-024-03. 15,393 Total Hrs.

1998 Bobst SP 102-E II  40” Die Cutter w/ Stripping s/n 0532-046-03

Brausse PE-102/50E Hand Fed Platen Die Cutter/Creaser s/n EP35368

1994 Sanwa TRP-1060-SE 41” Autoplaten Die Cutter s/n 200037-71994

Kluge 52EHD 14 x 22 Auto Fed Foil Stamper / Die Cutter s/n 52EHD147151

Heidelberg SBB 22 x 32 Die Cutter s/n 30017

PMC 71H Die Cutter s/n H801

PMC Die Cutter s/n DC4145

Thomson 29×41 Die Cutter s/n VL-72



2000 Bobst Media 100 II-A2 Straight Line Folder Gluer s/n 03410907, In Line Scoring Option, Tipper Plate, Leary Glue System

1999 Bobst Media 100 II-A2 Straight Line Folder Gluer s/n 0341-088-03, Hot Melt Gluer, Leary Glue System, 4 Corner, Power Backfold

1996 Western Slope Gladiator Window Patcher, s/n US12026



2006 Kolbus KM 411.B 25 Clamp Perfect Binding Line, S/N 1107 And Consisting Of: Feuiltault Jeremy BBF Book Block Feeder, 2 Hand Feed Stations, (24) ZU Gathering Pockets, Kolbus AS 841 Reject Station, 3 Milling Stations, EVA And PUR Glue Pot Trolleys, Liner / Gauzing Station, SAL Stream Feeder Cover Feeder, 2 LH370 Pre Melters, 2 Nipping Stations, Nordson 5506 Bulk Pre Melter W/ Microset Multiscan Control, 2 Ambaflex SV-1800-HS Cooling Towers, Muller 3501 Book Splitting Saw, Kolbus Transnorm Conveyor System, Kolbus HD152.P Three Knife Trimmer s/n 1109, Rima RS-3310S Counter Stacker, Kolbus AE360 Book Destacker

(6) Feuiltault Jeremy Thomas II-Z Log Feeders

Muller Starbinder 30 Clamp Md. 3006/30 Perfect Binding Line, S/N 99.27698 Consisting Of; (39) – 210E Gathering Pockets, Optigraf Signature ID, EVA And PUR Glue Pot Trolleys, Nordson 5506 Bulk PUR Pre Melter with Microset Multiscan Control, Liner / Gauzing Station, Stream Cover Feeder, 1994 Kolbus HD150 Three Knife Trimmer, Rima Counter Stacker.



2006 Kugler Womako Korber Paperlink Automatic Coil Punching and Inserter, Model HS542SP S/N MK00433 With Optional Book Block Feeder, Spine Trimmer, Jogger, Punching Section, Coil Forming Section, Coil Inserting Section, Delivery Conveyor. Equipped With Large Quantity of Dies and Tooling

2001 Bielomatik P22-96 Semi-Automatic Wire-O Comb Binding Machine S/N P22-96/11, Equipped With; Book Block Feeder, Spine Trimmer, Punching Station, Wire Inserting Station, Sheet Feeder, Delivery

Bielomatic Wire-O Production Machine with Sterling 42 Station Dual Sided Rotary Gatherer, Bielomatik P12-96/74 Wire O Inserter S/N 77107626, Gathers Loose Leaf Sheets, Jogs, Punches, and Inserts Wire-O Comb

2000 JBI BB50 Wire-O s/n 34

JBI BB38A Wire-O s/n 319G

1991 JBI EX380 Auto Punch s/n 1657:3

1992 JBI EX380 Auto Punch s/n 3989.1

JBI EXP700 Punch

(2) 1998 JBI EX610 Punch s/n 21255.1 & n/a

2000 JBI EX610 Punch s/n 0016

Wire-O Machine Round Cornerer s/n 204



2009 Emmeci Rigid Box / Turned Edge Casemaker with MC39 Feeder And Gluer System S/N 03908005, MC45 Spotter Unit S/N 04508005, MC48 Corner Wrapper Unit S/N 04808005

2007 GBC 8556 high speed laminating line with Gremser feeder and delivery stacker

D&K Laminator New Accufeed I s/n 32AP1-14149, 2 Sided, Encapsulate Feature

1993 Billhoffer BSM 60/102 Laminating Line s/n 1204, Mabeg Feeder, Sterling Temp Controller

Crathern QSL Quick Set Laminator s/n QS-17

Crathern FB-1 Automatic Spotter s/n AC-848



2016 Moll Premier 36 Pocket Folder s/n BF1103-33-16 Including Friction Feeder, 102-9058CE, Versa-Fold 36, Stacker      

Moll Friction Feeder, Moll Versa Fold 36 w/ Dynamelt gluer, Moll Dial-a-Stack

Moll Sprint Box-Pocket Folder s/n 165

(2) Multi Feeders MFT250 Friction Feeders and (2) MFT 350ip Product Feeders



CMC Italia ARM 7 Ariemat Programmable Cardboard Creaser s/n 65.368.11.16



CMC Rotmica SH-70 High Speed PolyWrapper s/n 0536, Shrink Tunnel, Conveyor, Strapper, Gammtech Stacker, Beseler T-60-10 Heat Tunnel



2000 Polar 155ED 61” Paper Cutter s/n 7021301, TR160-ER-7S Lift s/n 7095003, RB-5 Jogger

1999 Polar 137ED-AT 54” Autotrim Paper Cutter S/N 7041037, Air Tables, TR160ER-7S Offloader S/N 6995001, Polar RA-6 Paper Jogger W/ Paper Scale, 4,171,617 Total Cuts.

1996 Polar 155ED 61” Paper Cutter s/n 6621016, Polar 3ER-F2 Offloader, Air Tables, Baumann BSB7L Jogger s/n 212.333, Digital Scale

1988 Polar 155 61” EMC-Mon Paper Cutter s/n 5821012

1986 Polar 137 54” Mon Paper Cutter s/n 5641096

1985 Polar RB-5 Jogger s/n 5581184



2007 Shanklin A26A Heat Sealer s/n A07070-01, T6H Shrink Tunnel s/n T07127-01

2004 Shanklin A27A Heat Sealer s/n A0443, T7H Shrink Tunnel s/n T0412

1996 Shanklin F-5A Wrapper s/n F96153, T-7XL Shrink Tunnel s/n T-9709, Conveyor

2000 Shanklin A26A Heat Sealer s/n A0034, T-6XL Shrink Tunnel s/n T-00100, Scrap Winder

Shanklin A26A Heat Sealer s/n A0068

Shanklin T-6XL Shrink Tunnel s/n T80117

Shanklin T-7XL Shrink Tunnel s/n T-9355

1985 Shanklin T-7XL Shrink Tunnel s/n T-85101

Hall Dielectric FS-10A RF Rotary Heat Sealer s/n 1242

Hall Dielectric FS-10A RF Rotary Heat Sealer s/n 1120

Beseler 2520-MTB-A L-Sealer s/n 08910612, Shanklin Shrink Tunnel

Beseler T-18-8 Shrink Tunnel



MBO B20-C Folder s/n B09/52 Including B20-20/4, 56-DC Stacker

MBO B30-S-C Dualfeed Perfection Series Folder s/n U04/50 Including B30-S-1-30/6, Baum Angle, MBO B26-S-#-22/4, ASP-82-2ME

MBO B32-S-C Perfection Series Folder s/n Q12/18 Including B32-6-1-32/4, B-U-26/4, Stacker

MBO B 26-S-R26 Perfection Series Folder s/n 80144 Including B26-S-1-26/6, Baum Angle, B32-S-3-22/4, ASP-66-2ME

Stahl RD-66 Folder s/n 279010 Including MAD 66/6-RD, 2.TD 66/4-T, 3.TD 56/4-T, Stacker

Stahl Folder Including RF-78V s/n 139061, UFS 78L-R s/n 152155, Dynamelt Hot Melt Gluer, (3) Right Angles, GMC Hot Melt Gluer

2005 Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 82 Including 1.BUI, (3) Right Angles, 2006 SBP-86 s/n 00302, Gate Fold Plates, BAK-94 Stacker

Stahl Folder Including RD-66-T s/n 279044, MAD 66/6-RD-T, 2.TD 66/4-T, Stacker, Plates

Heidelberg Stahl Folder Including RD.2-78-T s/n 303087, Angle, 2 MAD 66/6-T, Stacker

Stahl Folder Including RF 78.2 s/n 199088, TFU 78/6.2, 2.TF 66/6N, 3.TFU 66/4EE.2, Stacker

Stahl Folder Including RF 66.2 s/n 194058, Right Angle, 2.TF 66/40C, Stacker

1996 Herzog Heymann 112/96 Folder s/n KL112-1111

Stahl Folder Including RD-112-1 s/n 266055, TD 112/4-4-4-2-RD-T, 2 TD 94/4-T Stacker

MBO ASP 66-2 ME s/n 80971003

2000 Herzog Heyman 118/00 Folder s/n 382-88

(8) Asst. Folder Right Angles, Plates, Knife Folders, crushers, etc.



2008 Bickers-JMP Gluejet 17.182PI programmable Gluer with 4 operator stations s/n IG027/2008, Nordson Problue 7 Hot Melt Unit

Hot Melt Tech Benchmark 205-LV Hot Melt Gluer

Gluing Table with GMC Hot Melt Gluer

Hot Melt Tech Gluer

FMC 405 Gluer s/n 3070, Press

Potdevin N36 88 Rotary Press s/n 5116

Potdevin Z-32 Gluer s/n 3576, Press

Machtronic Gluer s/n 11-947-1-92, Hot Melt Gluer



Lawson A3 Super Duty Paper Drill s/n 1A306

(2) Lawson Super Duty Paper Drills

Challenge MS-10A Paper Drill s/n 64408

Lawson B Super Duty Drill s/n D4233-RN3

Lawson EA3 SD Drill s/n EA36054



2003 Mosca RO-M-P4 Strapper s/n 71062

Dynaric D2400 Strapper



Stik-It 4280 Tape Applicator



Nissan Electric Forklift s/n 001254

2001 Diesse Maxi Toppy Skid Turner s/n 28315

Automatan A73VA heavy duty pile turner, s/n 00155 P

(5) Toyota Electric Pallet Jacks

Cat Electric Forklift s/n 261486

Cat 2FC20 Electric Forklift s/n A2EC60748

Cat NRR30 Narrow Isle Forklift s/n 2NL02416

2003 JLG 2632 Electric Scissor Lift

Tora-Max Electric Pallet Jack

Electric Stacker

Cat Electric Pallet Jack

Liftrite Jack



Horizon 60 station – 6 Tower Collator Including Vac-100a, (5) Vac-100m, ST-60 stacker



Artios Kongsberg MasterCut PremiumLine 1309 Cutter/Trimmer

Gerber Profile 408 Router

2007 SDS, Inc. Easy Bender X2-200 Laser Dieboard System s/n 071261

Hammond Glider Trim O Saw s/n 8813

Laborsaber DJ36 Ultramatic Die Saw s/n 1135

Die Making Table with Tools, Richards Super Diemaker Jig & Drill

Asst. Hand Die Making Tools, Table, Surface Plate



Atlas Copco GA55 Air Compressor, Busch Vacuum Pump, Quincy Dryer, Air Tank, Quincy QSI-245 Air Compressor

2002 Atlas Copco GA15FF Air Compressor s/n 265147, 20HP

Vertical Tank Mounted Air Compressor



Hang 150-08 2 Head Riveter s/n 1000008

KB No. 5 Riveter

Hang 448-01 Eyeletter s/n 100304

Chicago Rivet 214 Riveter s/n 1997-D8

Dual Head Riveter

Chicago Riveter

Milford 64 Rev 5 Riveter s/n 308



1981 Kolbus KS Sheeter s/n 990

Beck Sheeter s/n 1456



2007 Sakurai MS102A2 Screen Printer s/n RE9143307, Conveyor, 2007 Olec Gen2/482/12AC UV-Dryer s/n 263640, Olec DS-48 Descending Stacker s/n 6565-1007

Sakurai Cylinder SC72A Screen Printer, Conveyor, 3PI-302CS UV Curing Station s/n 2547-0588, ST72 Stacker

American Super 48 Sharpener s/n 61-155

American Cameo Screen Printer

Daytona Screen Printer

American Dryer



Parry Style B Punch s/n 1325

Parry Style B Punch s/n 638

Portland Punch




Scott Ten-Thousand Index Tab Machine

Scott Loose Leaf Sheet Reinforcer s/n 8P-41382

Scott 5000 Index Tab Machine

1994 Jos. Hunkler Re-Mat 320 Step Indexing Machine s/n 1903-447 




2002 Orion MPA67717 Pallet Stretch Wrapper s/n 1012784

Mosca RO-M Fusion Strapper s/n 505994, Conveyor

ATS ATS-CE-240/30 paper Bander s/n 5156C

ATS ATS-MS-420 S paper Bander s/n 305740

Wexler ATS-CE-340/30 paper Bander s/n 0447-1

ATS ATS-MS-420 paper Bander s/n 605091A

3M 800a Adj. Case Sealer s/n 5622, Conveyor

3M 200a Adj. Case Sealer s/n 5729

3M-120a Adj. Case Sealer s/n 3485

3M 700r Random Case Sealer s/n 4353, Conveyor

3M 120a Case Sealer s/n 3569

3M 700rks Random Case Sealer s/n 5627

3M Case Sealer, Labellers, Hot Melt Gluers, Feeders,

3M 200a Case Sealer s/n 5758

3M 200a Case Sealer s/n 12929

3M 800a Case Sealer s/n 5755

3M 200a Case Sealer s/n 10875



American PAC5029730R In Plant auto tie Baler s/n 8090100, Cyclone, Blowers, Ductwork 



Muller Martini Fox 306 Saddle Stitcher, (6) Gathering Pockets, Sim Products 200A Feeder, Stitcher Unit, 2000 0361.0430 Trimmer s/n MMZO-323188, Rima RS-12S Stacker s/n 123476-12, Muller Martini Lift

Muller Martini Fox 321 Saddle Stitcher Including 306 Gathering Pockets, 1529 Cover Feeder, 890 Trimmer s/n 99.11984, Rima RS-12 Stacker s/n 20724

Muller Martini Splitting Saw

Muller Martini 1534 Uno Book Stacker s/n 947639



Kirk Rudy 215V-36 Base s/n 1099-5204, MCS Falcon ink jet printer, Adphos Dryer, 535-CS Tabber s/n 0705-1603, Rima RS-10S Stacker 

Kirk Rudy 215-N2 Ink Jet Mail Table s/n 3611-06944



Continental Crawley 36HD Turning In Machine s/n 89-383

Sheridan Book Press s/n 219

Laminating Line, Sterlco Temp Controller

Hickok Double head Round Cornerer s/n 16164

Asst. Pallet Shelving, Tool Cabinets,

Challenge DMC Round Cornerer s/n 1655

Sheridan Gatherer

JLG Commander Scissor Lift

Wilton Band Saw, Chemical Storage Cabinets, Sand Blast Cabinet, Anvil, Arbor Press,Grinders, Welders, Enco Lathe, Webb Miller, Saw, Drill Press, Shop Press, Glider Saw, MSC Lathe, Hand & Electric Tools, Toiol Cabinets, Table Saw

Kansa Padder

Kongsberg XL22 Cutting Tables.

Viking Bulldog Strap Chopper



Barrett Acorn Press

Imperial Acorn Press

Chandler & Price Proof Press

Rosback Stitcher

Mulrigraph Manual Folder

Portland Punches

(3) Book Presses

Plus Much More…



2017 Hyundai HYCube Trailer

2013 Freightliner M2 (Straight Truck)



Inspection & Removal By Appointment Only

Inspection: Tuesday, August 7th, and Wednesday, August 8th – By Appointment Only 

Removal: TBD

For Appointments Contact Auctioneer’s Office at 617-964-1886

For Rigging Contact:

Vincent LoConte at ESG Foil Machine

973-691-8517 or



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