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Bidding Opens: Thursday, May 14th @ 9:00 AM
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Gel Seal Technologies, LLC, 3021 North Main Street, Oshkosh, WI 54901


Please Note: Prior To The Sale, The Auctioneer Will Accept Offers For The Intellectual Property and Patents For The Production Of “GelTape Paint Barrier Products” Please contact for more information.


Manufacturing Equipment

Coating Line

To Be Offered In its Entirety and Piecemeal

16” Coating Line for The Manufacturer Of Two Component Gel Coating Laying Down 12 Stripes. Line Is Equipped with Moisture Sensor, Corona Treater And 100 Feet Of Drying With Cooling Section Prior To Rewinds. Includes All Mixing and Metering Pumps To Supply The Coating Head.

Consisting of:

QTS Control Panel – Paper Unwind/ Tension Custom Control Panel for Paper Roll Unwind W/ Beijer Touchscree

QTS Paper Unwind Stand W/ Drive Motor Web Width: 16″, Roll OD: 30″-40″, Core ID: 6″, Roll Weight: 1000lbs Max, Speed: 10-150 FPM, Web Tension: 0.5 – 2.0 PLI, Cantilevered Load Cell, Brake Tension Control Unit, 6″ Tidland Air-Chuck Core Shaft, (Motor: Marathon Electric Blackmax Model #: V145THTR5326BA, Y538, 1.5 Hp, 230/460, 145TC FR, 1800 Rpm), Nord Drivesystems, (2) Idle Flattening Rollers (1 W/ Load Cell)

Moisttech Corp Moisture Sensor Model 3000, NIR Sensor, 3 X 4-20 Ma Outputs, Inline Moisture Sensor

Enercon Corona Treater W/ Stand & Exhaust Blower Fan 10-800fpm, 0.75Hp Exhaust Fan (115/230v) 1 Phase, 60Hz, Touchscreen Controls, 0.5-100 Watts/Cm3

(2) Keyence Printers MK-U2000 Series W/ Touch Panel, Max Print Speed=2525 Characters/Sec, (19″ X 16″ X 20″ Wxdxh), Functionality: Auto-Calendar, Expiration, Hold, Counter, Auto Operation, Logo Creation, Font Creation, Auto-Nozzel Cleaning, Maintenance History, Error Display, Barcoder, Etc.

Custom Print Head Capable of Holding 12 Static Mixers, Fitted W/ (2) Air Acuators For Engaging Print Head

(3) Graco Barrel Pumps 2:1 Part #: 256200, Max Air WPR: 180 Psi, Maxfluid WPR: 360 Psi

Mahr Mixing Cart Custom Mixing Cart Containing: (3) Pressure Tanks (A Material, B Material, Tint), (5) Metering Pumps, Flow Meters, Pressure Transducers, Line Warmers, Mixing Panel (Only Actual Cart; Components on Cart Listed Below)

(3) Binks Pressure Vessels Air In: 1/4″ NPS, Fluid Out: 3/8″ NPS, Pressure Regulation Up To 150psi, K-TEK Fill Level Monitor

(5) SEW Eurodrive Metering Pumps Type: R37DRS71M4/ES7C, Input: CT 300-1800 Rpm, Outputl 30 Rpm, Hp: 0.75, Ratio: 55.76

Mahr Mixing Panel Custom Control Panel for Metering Pumps Control W/ Red Lion Display, (Controls Flow Rate, Dispense Ratio, Manual And Automatic Modes, Line Warmer Control), Display Real Time Pressures

Fantech Exhaust Fan & Motor Control Vari Speed Solid State, Fantech FGC12, 741 CFM Inline Duct Fan, 12″ Duct, 120V, 60Hz, 1.43 Amps, 60°C (140°F) Max

QTS Print Head Stand W/ Nip Roller & Drive Motor Marathon Electric Blackmax, Model #: V145THTR5326BA, Y538, 1.5 Hp, 230/460, 145TC FR, 1800 Rpm

COMPONEX Pre-Oven Spreader Roller Aluminum Idle Shaft Roller, Air Vented Surface

Dürr Megtec Oven W/ Temp Control Panel Model: MC-120, Conduction, (4,000 FPM @ 275°F Maximum), Air Flotation, Double Pass, Single Zone, 100 Ft. Effective, Four Modules (12ft Each), Stepfoils On 48″ Centers, 19″ Slot Length, 12 Locking Hinge Doors, Turnaround Access Doors, 10HP Blower Fan, 44kw Electric Heater, 30″ X 30″ Control Panel (Heater Controller, Variable Frequency Drive, Start/ Stop Switch, E-Stop Button, Cooling Fan, Disconnect), Baldor Reliance Super E Motor, Siemens Digital Pressure Transducer

WCM Oven Support Structure/ Catwalk Custom Steel Support Structure For Raised Oven

Accuweb Exit Paper Guide Point Source Automatic Edge Guide

Custom/ Marathon Exit Nip Roller & Drive Motor Marathon Electric Blackmax Model #: V145THTR5326BA, Y538, 1.5 Hp, 230/460, 145TC FR, 1800 Rpm

Custom/ Dayton Cooling Chamber W/ AC & Blower Custom Designed Cooling Chamber For 15″ Web (Spare Blower Fan As Well)

Accuweb Rewind Paper Guide Point Source Automatic Edge Guide

Rewind Nip Roller Grooved Roller To Accommodate Gel Lanes

QTS Rewind Turret Pedestal With (2) Rewinds For Tape And Release Liner, With Splicing Table, (2x) 6″ Tidland Air Chuck Rewind Roller, (2x) 3″ Tidland Air Chuck Rewind Roller

QTS Control Panel/ Electrical Box Custom Control Panel For Paper/ Tape Rewind

(2) Kollmorgen/ Sumitomo Drive Motors For Tape Rewind Rollers, PSM Series, Gear Ratio 51:1, Max Output Speed= 70rpm, Frequency=120Hz

(2) Warner Electric Brake TCS-200-1 Electric Brakes

(25) Wooden Master Spools With Compressed Cardboard Cores, 6″ ID Cores

(5) WCM/ Custom Master Spool Storage Racking Custom Racking For Storing Curing Master Rolls Of Finished Product

Uline Master Spool Pallet Jack Modified

(3) Northstar Polymers B Material Polyol Curing Agent, Custom CAS #, 3 Barrels @ 450lbs Each

(2) Tint Chromaflo 5 Gallon (50lb) Buckets, Pantone 801c

(24) Griff Paper And Film Release Liner 15″ Wide Silicone On 3″ Cores, 1 MIL CLR PET S1S IN, (3,050 Ft Each), 28 Used On 3″ Cores

SIMCO-ION Static Bar: Printhead 504mm/19.84″ , 0°F-131°F Operating Range, 24V DC Voltage Input

SIMCO-ION Static Bar: Rewind 504mm/19.84″ , 0°F-131°F Operating Range, 24V DC Voltage Input

Pneumatic Log Lifter Pneumatic Air Powered Paper Log Lifter

Mahr Master Control Panel Controls: Line Speed, Print Head Activation



15” Siat T330 turret slitter rewinder with shear, razor and score slitting with 40” unwind and 7” turret rewinds Consisting Of: QTS Master Unwind Stand, Fits 6″ ID Cores, Unwind Pedestal W/ Friction Brake And (3) Idle Liner Separator Rollers (1 W/ Load Cell)

Consisting of:

Black Max Marathon Drive Motor Model #: V145THTR5326BA, Y538, 1.5 Hp, 230/460, 145TC FR, 1800 Rpm

Accuweb Slitter Feed Paper Guide Point Source Automatic Edge Guide

QTS Custom Control Panel For Slitter Unwind Control W/ Beijer Touchscreen

Simco-Ion Workspace De-Ionizer Dual Fan De-Ionizer For Reducing Static Buildup

SIAT T330 Unwind: 6″ Core, Liner Take Up: 3″ Core, Rewind: 3″, Web Width: Up To 15″, Max OD Log Rolls: 40″, Max OD Rewound Rolls: 7″, (Varible Speed 2HP DC-Motor: 0-150m/Min, 220V, 50Hz), (Power Supply: Single-Phase, 1500W), Compressed Air Supply: 2.5SCFM, Minimum Slitting Width: 9mm W/ Razor Blade, 6mm With Pneumatic Score Knives, 10mm With Shear Knives. (Will Slit: PVC, OPP, Paper, Cellophane, Filament, Double-Coated And Other Linered Tape, Plastic Films, Laminates, Aluminum Foils, Foam, Etc.), Auto Tabbing Counter, Accessory Attachments Available From SIAT, Accuweb Web Guide System (Micro 1000), Slitter (L=57″ W=32″ H=61″ Lbs=1450)

(12) Dienes Slitting Blades Circular Score Cut Knives

Set of Custom Aluminum Spacers To Accommodate 1.25″ Wide Cores

Custon Roll Loading/ Unloading Delrin Handle For Removing Wound Rolls/ Loading Empty Cores Onto Mandrels

Custom Roll Unloader/ Core Loader Device For Handling Wound Rolls/ Loading Empty Cores


Turret Rewinder

Ron Gerbers designed Turret rewind, safety cage
and accumulator
Core Diam=6”
Web Width=16”
Turret Max Roll Diam=Set to 36” but could be adjusted to 48” or more
Line speed was designed for about 100 ft/min but is capable of 385 ft/min
Max spool weight=450#
Turret rewind control panel is damaged


Quality Control

Brookfield Engineering CT3 Texture Analyzer, 1kg load range/ 0.1g Resolution, Can measure over 15 parameters

Quincy Lab, Inc Ambient 25°F to 450°F (+-0.5°C), 115V standard

(2) Rex Gauge Company ØØ and ØØØ, For measuring hardness (resistance to indentation)

(3) Rex Gauge Company ØØØ, For measuring hardness (resistance to indentation)

Samsung/ Rex Gauge Company Samsung Note 7″ display, 8GB, pre-loaded with data logging software

Tree Scale (200g x 0.001g)

Yamoto Accu-Weigh Scale (10kg x 0.005kg) (20lb x 0.01lb)

(3) Uline Scales (2268kg 0.5kg) (5000lb x 1lb)

Kernco wettability Measurer



(2100) All About Packaging: Washable Unit Boxes For 81′ Of Geltape – Washable Variety

(1100) All About Packaging : Non-Washable Unit Boxes For 81′ Of Geltape – Non-Washable Variety

(1200) All About Packaging Sticker Flange: Washable Sticker Flange To Cover Side Of Roll – Washable

(1700) All About Packaging Sticker Flange: Non-Washable Sticker Flange To Cover Side Of Roll – Non-Washable

(2200) All About Packaging Sticker Flange: Blank Sticker Flange To Cover Side Of Roll -Blank

(1600) Yazoo Mills Cores: Blanks 3″ ID Cardboard Cores To Wind Finished Tape Product Onto


Inspection: By Appointment Only. Contact Helen at 617-964-1886 or
REMOVAL: Tuesday May 26 – Friday May 29 & Monday June 1 – Friday June 5 8:00AM to 4:00PM
For Appointments: Contact Auctioneer’s Office at 617-964-1886 or

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