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551 Broad St. (Rear)
Bristol, CT 06010


Castaldini Paper variable size bag machine Model E100 EIS 2000 Evoluzione with inline printer

Weber 7 AG Square Bottom Bag Paper Bag Machine For 1 or 2 ply SOS bags

Strong Robinette Model 2000 Feeder, Double deck bag feeder with high-speed capability

W&H Matador Model 40, flat & square, gusseted variable size paper bag machine

Holweg Model RS-2 Roto Simplex perforator cutoff, variable size paper bag machine

W&H Matador Model 26 striker bar cutoff, Model CD, F&S, variable size paper bag machine

W&H Matador Model 26 striker bar cutoff, Model CD, F&S, variable size paper bag machine



Jones cartoner. Age 1998. Serial # S-5548. Set up for format of regular, big & cube facial boxes



Salwasser R-101 casepacker, age 1997, Serial # 98033347. Includes infeed lane, manual magazine



AMK / Ross Kneader / Heated Adhesive Mixer / Extruder Class IV Model KE-40

Graco Liquid Control Model DL-3 Mixing System



72″ Wide Cameron Model 420 2 Drum Surface Rewind Slitter Rewinder

40” Stanford Model 212 HD heavy-duty single shaft, center rewind slitter rewinder

80″ Deacro Model DA-820 Duplex Center Rewind Slitter Rewinder

62” Catbridge duplex, center surface or center rewind slitter rewinder

45″ Synercon Model PSA 450 Duplex Center Rewind Slitter Rewinder

72″ Johnstone 10FSRS 2 Drum Surface Rewind Slitter Rewinder

18” single shaft, center rewind, custom-built slitter rewinder

24” Wide Arrow Model 325-24 For narrow width slitting, minimum gap rewind

52″ Goebel Practica Model H3 1000 Surface Rewind Slitter Rewinder

74″ Wide Dusenbery Model 260 FS Duplex Slitter Rewinder

18″ Wide Arrow Model 325 Series Narrow Width Slitter Rewinder

74″ Dusenbery Model 260 FS Duplex Center Surface Rewind Slitting & Rewinding



57″ Peerless Board Plate and Tray Former Heated Dies 30 Ton Model BF 57.5



40” Wide Prestoflex Model W101-3 Weber Manufacturing 3-color flexographic inline printing press

46″ Wolverine 46-4 Hydroline 3 Color Flexo Printer 3-color on 4-color frame, stack, HLRE, flexographic inline printing press

31″ Windmoeller and Hoelscher W&H 3 Color Fleoxgraphic Flexo Printer

46″ Wolverine 46-4 Hyrdoline 2 Color Flexo Printer 2-color on 4-color frame, stack, HLRE, flexographic inline printing press

20” Wolverine Cubline Model CLRE-N-1310X 21-3, 3-color flexographic inline printing press

25” Windmoller & Holscher QMS-945 2 Color Flexographic Printer Flexographic inline tailend printing press

54” Retroflex K Series HD 2-color stack flexographic printer New 2011

22” Wolverine Cubline 21-1, 1-color flexographic inline printing press

13.25 inch wide Propheteer model 1300 L Single Color Flexographic Printing Press

22” Wolverine Cubline Model 21-1, 1-color flexographic inline printing press

41″ Wolverine Model 41-1 HLRE Hydraline 1 color flexographic stack printer

38″ Wide Windmoeller & Hoelscher 1 color Flexographic Inline Printing Press

50″ Wide Flexoline flexographic single color print station

2 Rockport Machine & Tool Flexographic Printers

Bellmark Model AA5843 Single Color Flexographic Printer



104” Perini Echo Rodena automatic rewinder

Two 18″ Martin Automatic LRD Dual Position Center Rewinders

42” Arrow Model 325, minimum gap rewind, center rewind

70″ Powell Shaftless Floor Pickup Unwind Model EP6072

57″ Powell Shaftless Floor Pickup Unwind Model EP6060

60″ Wide Clark Aiken Model 101A1017 Shaftless Floor Pickup Unwind

52” Wide Rolls Hamblet shaftless single position unwind

PCMC ECM-14 Core Winding Machine

18″ Wide Martin Model LRD Automatic Transfer Center Rewinder

52″ Wide Jennerjahn Unwind with Floor Pickup Shafted unwind stand

52″ Jennerjahn Unwind Stand for 60″ OD Rolls

70″ Wide Lembo Single Position Unwind Maximum roll diameter: 50″

28″ Wide Web Maximum Single Position Custom Built Unwind

20″ Wide Webex Cantilever Single Position Unwind

30” wide web custom-built, single position unwind

57” Single Position Unwind Stand for 20″ OD Rolls

56″ Wide Faustel 2-Drum Surface Rewind Single Shaft Rewinder

44” Wide Web Maxon 2-position unwind stand

40” Potdevin single position unwind stand

28” Wide Web Potdevin single position unwind stand

36” wide roll single position unwind stand

32” W&H single position unwind stand

44” Maxson single position unwind for 60” diameter rolls

44” Maxon 2-position unwind stand. Roll outer diameter maximum: 60”



50″ DCM Epochief Towel and Tissue Single Fold Interfold Machine

Perini Model 606 Series 110 2-lane Tissue Log Saw

Lawton Model OBRX-RH Single Roll Bathroom Tissue Paper Wrapper

Lawton Model OBRX-RH Roll feed single roll wrapper for household bath tissue

Valley Tissue Packaging Diverter Model 1500 Type 2-4 BRT Serial #: C253-1500-2-4-97

Lawton Model OBRX Single roll household bath tissue wrapper

Valley Tissue Packaging Model 1500 Automatic Diverter with Infeed



86″ Zink 3-roll Gravure Coating Station  Serial # 4-401-10072



Stanford 152 HD Roll Doctor Machine

24″ Wide Stanford 142-HD Doctor Machine and Center Rewinder

62″ Shar Center Rewind Roll Doctor Slitter Rewinder 62″

30” Stanford Model 142 LT roll doctor rewinder

30″ Wide Stanford Model 142 LT Roll Doctor Serial #: 12584622

3″ Dusenbery Model 794 DH Roll Doctoring Machine

3″ Wide Roll Doctor, previously used for salvage work on tape products



26″ Konpon Kakohki 3-Roll Calendering System, 305 x 710 # CR60106210

12″ Electrovaya 2-Roll Calender Series CLG-ZM-300Y

20″ Wide Birch Brothers 2-Roll Calender



60” Wide Black Brothers Model TB-60 Hot-Roll Laminator

86″ Wide Bretting Embossing Station, Matched steel-to-steel embossing rolls

5″ Wide Chestnut Model 150 1 color laminator / printer Serial #: 286

68” Northern Engraving composite roll to steel roll embossing system

68″ Wide Web PCMC Steel to Steel Embossing System Model M1206

69″ Wide Web PCMC Steel to Steel Embossing System Model M1206

69″ Wide Web PCMC Model 1206 Steel to Steel Embossing System

32″ Maximum web width Eastern Engraving Mach 3 Series Steel to Steel Embossing Frame

42″ Redex 2-ply thermal lamination system Model Thermo Lam 3, MAP systems model LCP-10

65″ Wide Goebel Coating / Wetting / Moisturizing Station For Web

30” wide laminating station. 31.5” wide, 4” diameter steel roll which is driven by GTR

72” Wide Vertrod Model 72 EWB-HOV sealer

62″ Black Clawson 3-Roll Reverse Roll Coating Station Model M-2110

Waldron / Ross Air Systems Reverse Roll Coating Station

15″ Wide Web Hudson Sharp Paper-to-Steel Embossing Section

66″ Worldwide 2-Roll Gravure Coating Station



102″ Wide Web PCMC Ply Bonder / Ply Bonding Unit Serial #: 7293

105” Wide Perini ply-bonding unit Idler rolls are 106.5” wide, 5.8” diameter, aluminum. 109” wide, 9.5” diameter main scoring roll



55″ Beck H-1 Rotary Sheeter Serial: 1792, Single position unwind for 70″ OD maximum rolls

26″ Wide Gannicott Sheeter with Stacker and Inserter Serial #: 8196

43” Beck Model H-1 rotary sheeter Serial # 1452. 4-position unwind for 30” OD rolls



20″ Appleton A300 Automatic Core Cutter / Recutter Serial #: 0505588

PCMC ECM-14 High Speed Core Machine



18″ Wide Enercon Deluxe Coronaflex Treater, Age 2015



13.7″ Wide Eclipse LF350 Digital Label Cutting and Finishing System Eclipse LF350



Fuji electric regenerative blower Model VFD9, 20.5 HP

American Fan Company OVP-7-08F-30A 50 HP Trim Blower System

Roots EasyAir X2 vacuum system Model X2-65-36 U-RAI

New York Blower Class I-III Blower With 60 HP Motor Fan



Cameron Shear Cut Knives x 10 – Lot C – Cameron male & female shear cut knives

Shear Cut knives and Knife holders Copy of Cameron style shear cut knives

Jagenberg male shear cut knives & holder



Reliance electric induction AC servo VZ 3000 Series drive Like new, never used.

Reliance Electric Flexpak 3000 DC variable speed drive Like new



88″ Wide Duncan Technologies Web Inspection Machine Age 2001



S&S Specialty Systems Pressing / Banding Tables – 2 Tables

Rotary Die Cutting Station

20″ Wide Birch Brothers 2-Roll Calender

63″ Wide Nordmeccanica 4 Roll Chill Roll / Heat Roll System

32″ Shear Cut Section with Grooved Razor Roll

Custom Built Rotary Die Cutting Station



Caterpillar GC40KSTR LPG forklift s/n AT87A02009, 183”, 5,100#, 9,450 Hours

Caterpillar GC45KS LPG forklift s/n AT87A00116, 209” Loft, 9,100#, Side Shift (No Forks)

Caterpillar T80D LPG Forklift s/n 5KB04924, 188” Lift, 7,800#, 7,094 Hours, Towlift Mast, (No Forks)

Hyster S150A LPG Forklift s/n A024D02918V, 15,000#, 99.5” Lift

Hyster H200E LPG Forklift s/n B7L1935H, 20,000#, Dual Front Tires

Hyster Fortis 120 LPG Forklift s/n G004V06102J, 12,000# Truck Capacity with Forks, 196.9” Lift





Custom Rotary Die Cutter

30 Laminator station 4636

50″ Richmond Pulse Static Eliminator

28 unwind custom 4634 20″ diameter

28 pot devin unwind 60″ Dia Flrpk

30 unwind 4635 18″ Diameter

28 rewind 4634

Nordsons hotmelt 4 units

NY blower used with dryer

NY blower used with dryer

30 HP motor DC never used

Reliance 3000 DC Drive never used

Reliance 3000 AC drive never used

Stow Woodward Bowed Roll

Stow Woodward Bowed Roll

Stow Woodward Bowed Roll

Stow Woodward Bowed Roll

15″ H/Sharp steel/paper embosser

Ziehl Abegg Female shear cut  Knives

30″ score cut section with knives

62 Clark Aiken decurler

GE vacuum pump

44″ 2 position unwind Maxon

44″ 2 position unwind Maxon

40 potdevin unwind 60 dia

36 unwind off Weber 40 dia

32 W&H unwind 40 dia


Available By Private Treaty
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Inspection & Removal By Appointment Only

Inspection: Wednesday, November 30th 9:00 AM-Noon. By Appointment Only.

Removal: By Appointment Only.

For Appointments Contact Auctioneer’s Office at 617-964-1886

For Rigging Contact:
Paul Gedenberg At Bay State Riggers & Millwrights – 508.373.6836 Or

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