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Sale Date:
Bidding Opens Friday, October 29th at 9:00 AM ET
Bidding Closes Wednesday, November 3rd Starting at 11:00 AM ET/10:00 AM CT

4100 Michoud Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70129


(48) L’Acoustics Kara Series 1

(12) L’Acoustics 8XT

(20) L’Acoustics SB18 Sub’s

(8) L’Acoustics SB28 Sub’s

(11) L’Acoustics 115 HiQ

(4) Meyer UPJ-IPS

(2) Meyer 500 HP

(12) QSC K10

(10) QSC K8



(18) L’Acoustics LA8



Midas Pro6

Midas Pro2

Midas M32

Yamaha LS9-32

Behringer, Mackie, DigiDesign



Telex BTR 800

LG Qty Shure UR4D w/ Handhelds and Belt Packs



(8) Martin Mac 350 Entour

(18) Martin Mac 700 Profile

(20) Martin Mac 700 Wash

(72) Martin Rush MH3 Beam

(6) Martin Stage Bar 54

(6) Martin Atomic 2000

(4) Lycian 1267 Follow Spot

(32) Chauvet Nexus Panels

(60) Chauvet Strike 1

(60) Chauvet Colorband Pix IP

(72) Chauvet Colorband IRC

(50) Chauvet Color Batten 72

(24) ETC Ellipsoidal; (48) ETC Source Four Par, (20) ETC Daylight LED Ellipsoidal



(2) GrandMA 2 Lite; (2) GrandMA 2 NPU

Martin M1; Martin M2GO

ETC 48 Ch. Sensor Rack; ETC 36 Ch.  Smartpack

ETC Smartfade; Leprecon 6 Ch.

(4) Radiance Base Hazer Pro; (2) Diffusion DF-50; Martin Jem K1



(350) ROE CB3 3.7mm, Indoor, 600×1200

(540) ROE MC9H 9.375mm, Outdoor, 600×600 (HB)

(300) ROE MC9H 9.375mm, Outdoor, 600×600

Martin Maxedia Pro Media Server

Martin Maxedia Compact

(2) Hippo Grasshopper Media Server Rack

(2) Resolume Media Server



(310) ROE 1200MM LED Strip

(32) ROE 300MM LED Strip

(2) ROE Strip Brompton T1



(4) CM Lodestar 1-Ton Hoist
(24) CM Lodestar ½-Ton Hoist

(4) CM Lodestar ¼-Ton Hoist

(4) Genie ST-25 Super Tower

(15) 12” Angle Spacers

(25) J Thomas 20.5”x20.5”x10’ Spigoted Super Truss – Black

(2) J Thomas 20.5”x20.5”x8’ Spigoted Super Truss – Black

(7) J Thomas 20.5”x20.5”x5’ Spigoted Super Truss – Black

(2) J Thomas 20.5”x20.5”x2.5’ Spigoted Super Truss – Black

(21) Applied 20.5”x20.5”x10’ Truss – Black

(2) Applied 20.5”x20.5”x5’ Spigoted Truss – Black

(5) Applied 20.5”x20.5”x3’10” Spigoted Truss – Black

(64) Cosmic U-Torm

Motion Labs 24 Way Distro Rack

LEX, Pagoda, Indu-Elec 200A, 400A, 110V Distro Boxes

Lg. Qty. Feeder Cable, 10/5 Cable, L620 Cable, Socapex w/ Break Ins & Outs



(11) Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Studio 4K

Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E HD Switcher

Blackmagic ATEM Studio Converter

Blackmagic Compact Video Hub

(2) Blackmagic Smart Video 40×40

(3) Blackmagic Videohub Smart Control

(4) Blackmagic Teranex 2D

Panasonic AV-HS450 HD-SDI

Panasonic AV-HS410 HD-SDI

(14) Atmos Ronin HD/SDI Recorder

(2) Atmos Samurai Blade

(4) Christie LW550 LCD Projectors

Inspection & Removal By Appointment Only

Inspection Thursday, October 28th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Removal Monday, November 8th – Friday, November 12th

For Appointments, Contact the Auctioneer’s Office at 617.964.1886 or

We’ve upgraded to a new auction system, so you’ll need to register for a new account if you haven’t already done so. Please contact us if you need assistance. 


For Pack & Ship Quotes, Contact:

PakMail of New Orleans at 504-393-1942 or

Craters & Freighters of New Orleans at 504.733.6180 or

(PLEASE NOTE:  Local shipper contact information is provided merely as a courtesy. PakMail or Craters & Freighters are not affiliated with Joseph Finn Co., Inc.)

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