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6737 Centennial Blvd. Nashville, TN 37209



Arri 16SRII Film Camera Package & Accessories



2-Arri 12,000W Fresnel with Magnetic Ballast

1-Arri 12,000W Fresnel Head Only

2-Arri 6000W Fresnel with Magnetic Ballast

3-LTM 4000W Fresnel with Magnetic Ballast

1-LTM 4000W Fresnel Head Only

1-LTM 2500W Fresnel with Magnetic Ballast

1-LTM 2500W Fresnel Head Only

1-LTM 1200W Fresnel with Magnetic Ballast

3-LTM 575W Fresnel with Magnetic Ballast

1-Arri Compact 200 Fresnel 2 Light Kit-Electronic Ballast

1-Desisti 200W Fresnel 2 Light Kit-Electronic Ballast

1-LTM Luxarc 200W Fresnel-Magnetic Ballast

1-Arri 12,000W Fresnel Head Housing for Parts only

3-K5600 200W Joker Pars with Electronic Ballast

2-Strand 200W Reporter with Electronic Ballast & 30V inverter

4-LTM 200W Par Torche 200 with Electronic Ballast & 30V Inverter

1-LTM Torchlight 270 with Electronic Ballast

1-LTM Torchlight 270 Head with No Ballast

1-LTM 575 Par with Magnetic Ballast

4-Arrisun 1200W Par with Electronic Ballast

4-Arrisun 1200W Par Head Only

1-LTM 2500W Par with Electronic Ballast

1-LTM 2500W Par with Magnetic Ballast

2-LTM 4000W Par with Electronic Ballast

2-LTM 4000W Par Head Only

1-2500W HMI Bomber Roving Light-For Parts Only



1-Litepanel 2 Light Flood LED on Camera Light Kit-Model DLPK50-XLR

6-Socanland 1×1 BiColor LED Panels with V Mount Adapters

1-Reflecmedia Chromatte 8×8 Dual LiteRink Kit



8-Mole Richardson 100W Tiny Mole-Type 2901

20+-Mole Richardson 200W Mini Mole (Inkie)-Type 2801

4-Mole Richardson 200W Midgets-Type 2351

8-Mole Richardson 1000W Baby-Type 407

25-Mole Richardson 1000W Baby Baby-Type 2831

36-Mole Richardson 2000W 8” Junior-Type 5291

2-Mole Richardson 2000W 8” Junior-Type 5291-Housing & Parts only

10-Mole Richardson 2000W Baby Junior-Type 4131

2-Mole Richardson 5000W Senior-Type 415

2-Mole Richardson 5000W Senior 415-Housings and Parts only

20-Mole Richardson 5000W Baby Senior-Type 4191

3-Mole Richardson 10,000W Senior-Type 416-Housing & Parts only

3-Arri 1000W Plus Fresnel

1-Arri 1000W Plus Fresnel 3 Light Kit

2-Arri 650W Plus Fresnel

12+-Altman 100W Fresnels with Floor Plates

2-Mole Richardson 4 Light Combo Kit-300/650/1000

20+-Mole Richardson Snoot Sets-Varying Sizes

1-Mole Richardson 600W Teenie Weenie 4 Light Kit-Type 4031

6-Mole Richardson 1000W Mickey Mole-Type 4081

2-Ianiro 2000W Blonde

2-Colortran 650W Open Face

4-Colortran 1000W Open Face

6-Mole Richardson 1000W Nook Light-Type 2921

6-Ultra Light 2000W Nook Light

40+-Strand 1000W Quartz Color Orion Single Cyc Light-Model #4005

16-Mole Richardson 2000W Mole Far 2 Light Cyc Strip-Type 2811

24-Colortran 4000W 4 Light Far Cyc-108-800 Series

8-Strand 4000W Iris 4-4 Light Far Cyc Cat #5914

8+-MR16 Strip Lights-Varying Lengths

6-Ultra Light 6000W SpaceLights

6-Mole Richardson 750W Baby Softlite-Type 2581

8-Mole Richardson 2000W Baby Zip Softlite-Type 2591

5-Mole Richardson 2000W Super Softlite-Type 2561

3-4000W Zip Soft Light

1-Colortran 4000W Soft Light

6-Mole Richardson 4000W Super Softlight-Type 2571

2-Mole Richardson 8000W Super Softlite-Type 2621

15+-1000W Scoop Lights

10-Mole Richardson 1000W Molepar-Type 2271

6-Cinequeen 1000W Par 64

3-Kliegl Par 64

3-Colortran 9 Light Maxi Brute-Par 64

2-Ultra Light 16 Light Angel Dino

1-Ultra Light 36 Light Super Dino

2-Mole Richardson 1 Light Molefay-Type 5711

2-Mole Richardson 2 Light Molefay-Type 5721

1-Mole Richardson 6 Light Molefay-Type 5591

2-Mole Richardson 9 Light Molefay-Type 5541

4-Mole Richardson 1000W Molette Bare Bulb-Type 3311

1-Ring Light with 12 Medium Base Sockets

1-GAM Stick Up Kit

2-Lowel K5 Kit

1-Ianiro Ianebeam 4-650 Light Kit

1-Ianiro Ianebeam 4-1000 Light Kit

8-Lowel Pro VIP System 3 Light Kit

1-Lowel Omni 3 Light Kit

Lot-Miscellaneous Lowel Parts, Pieces and Kit Accessories



50+-ETC 575/750W Source 4 Ellipsoidal-Varying Barrel Degrees

15-ETC Source 4 Misc Housing, Parts, Etc..

6-Altman 500W Ellipsoidal

6-Strong Long Throw 2K Xenon Super Trouper Follow Spots

6-Strong Short Throw 2K Xenon Super Trouper Follow Spots

6-Lycian Short Throw 1200W HMI Starklight 2 Follow Spots

2-Altman 1000W Quartz Follow Spot

2-Clay Paky 1200W HMI Shadow QS-ST Follow Spot-Parts

2-Strand Alto 2000W Ellipsoidal

2-Teatro 2000W Ellipsoidal

13-Par 46 Silver Par Cans

30+-ETC 575/750W Source 4 Pars

20+-6 Light Par Bars, Par 64 with 19 Pin socapex Out

10+-4 Light ACL Par Bars

50+Par Bar Hanging Brackets Varying Lengths

40+-Wybron Color Scrollers for Par 64 Cans

30+-Par 64 Cans in need of various states of repair

10+-Par 20 Black Can Lights for Track Lighting

10+-Par 20 Black Can Lights with 120V Plugs

10+-Black Pin Spots

8+-Silver Pin Spots

4-Martin MAC 500 Moving Lights

2-Mirror Balls



4-Kino Flo 2’x 4 Tube Fixture Complete with Ballast, Head Cable & Back Plate

6-Kino Flo 2’x 2 Tube Fixture Complete with Ballast, Head Cable & Back Plate

2-Kino Flo 4’x 2 Tube Fixture Complete with Ballast, Head Cable & Back Plate

10-Kino Flo 4’x 1 Tube Fixture Complete with Ballast, Head Cable & Back Plate

8-Kino Flo 2’x 1 Tube Fixture Complete with Ballast, Head Cable & Back Plate

2-Kino Flo Flat Head 80 Complete with Ballasts, Head cables, Mount and Case

4-Kino Flo Wall o Light Complete with Single Cases

1-Kino Flo Kamio Ring Light Kit

1-Mini Flo Kit

4-Kino Diva 400 Complete with Diffusion and Single Case

4-Mole Richardson Biax 2

4-Mole Richardson Biax 4

2-Mole Richardson Biax 8

4-Cineflo 4’x 4 Tube Fixture

4-Videssence 6 Tube Fixture

1-Videssence 4 Tube fixture



20+-50’ #2 Camlok Single Cable

20+-50’ #2/0 Camlok Single Cable

20+-50’ #4/0 Camlok Single Cable

20+-5’/10’ #2-#2/0-#4/0 Camlog Jumper Cables

10+-#2-#2/0-#4/0 Camlok to Bare End Tails

20+-10’ 60Amp Stage Pin/Bates Cable

20+-25’ 60Amp Stage Pin/Bates Cable

20+-50’ 60Amp Stage Pin/Bates Cable

1-Crate Camlok Vulcanize Boots & Fittings

30+-Camlok Hard Tapping T’s

2-Mole Richardson See Thru Lug Spider Box

4-Camlok to 6-60Amp 3 Phase Non Breakered Distro Box

2-Camlok to 4-60Amp Single Phase Non Breakered Distro Box

2-SSRC Camlok Pass thru to 6-60Amp, 2-20Amp 3 Phase Distro Box

6-Camlok to 6-60Amp Breakered Distro Box

6-Camlok to 3-100Amp Breakered Distro Box

2-Camlok Dimmer Distro Rack

6-100Amp Lunch Boxes

3-LEX 60Amp Pass Thru Lunchbox 5-20Amp Edison

2-LEX 60Amp Gang Box

2-Woodhead 60Amp Gang Box

30+60Amp Male Stage Pin/Bates to Edison Quad Box-Non Breakered

30+-60Amp Stage Pin/Bates Male to Edison Female Twofer

30+-60Amp Stage Pin/Bates Male to Edison Female Threefer

30+-60Amp Stage Pin/Bates Male to Edison 6 Way

30+-20Amp Male and Female Stage Pin to Edison Female and Male Adapters

30+-100’ Multi Cable 19 Pin

10-75’ Multi Cable 19 Pin

30+-50’ Multi Cable 19 Pin

25+-25’ Multi Cable 19 Pin

10+-19 Pin Multi Cable Connector to 10’ Bare end Cable

10+-Misc Lengths 19 Pin Multi Cable Varying Lengths

6-19 Pin Multi Cable Fan Out to Twist Connector

10-37 Pin Multi Cable, Varying Lengths

10-3’ Drive Over 5 Slot Cable Covers

1-LTM 1200W Inverter

10-90Wh V mount Batteries

15-30V Battery Belts & Quick Chargers

5-30V Inverters



2-ETC 48 Channel Sensor Rack

1-ETC 96 Channel Dimmer Rack

100+-ETC D20 Sensor Dimmer Module

4+-Strand CD80 6K & 2.4K Dimmer Packs in Varying State of Repair

4-Rolling Racks for CD80 Dimmer Packs

1-ETC remote Node #M4052A1004

1-Lot Misc ETC Dimming Pieces & Parts

1-Producer 2-48 Channel Teatronics Control Board

1-Strand 24 Channel Analog Control Board

1-Strand 12 Channel Analog control Board

1-ETC Expression 2 Control Board

2-ETC Obsession Control Board



15+-1 Ton CM/Loadstar and or Coffing Electric Chain Motors

30+-25’, 50’, 100’ Motor Control Cables

1-20Way Motor Control System

20+-30’ ⅜” Steel Rope Chokers

20+-20’ ⅜” Steel Rope Chokers

20+-10’ ⅜” Steel Rope Chokers

20+-5’ ⅜” Steel Rope Chokers

20+-2’ ⅜” Steel Rope Chokers

20+-Burlap Sacks

50+-2’/3’/4’/5’/6’/8’ Span Sets

100++-⅜”, ⅝”,¾” Shackles

4-Vertical Choker Baskets

20+-Miscellaneous Turnbuckles

20+ Pulleys Various Sizes

Multiple Block & Tackle Rigs

Multiple Spools ⅛” to ⅜” Steel Rope

1000’s Wire Rope Clamps

2-Fall Protection Body Harness

Multiple Spools Misc Sizes Rigging Rope



20+-10’x 20” Tomcat Box Truss

12+-10’x 12” Tomcat / Thomas Box Truss

4+-5’x 12” Tomcat Box Truss

4+-12” Tomcat Box Truss Corner Block

4-20” Tomcat Box Truss 90 Degree Curve Sections

5-Corbeau Follow Spot Seats



2-Quartz Bank Medium Plus

3-Quartz Bank Medium

4-Daylight Medium

1-Video Pro Small

5-Extra Small 60 Degree Hard Grid

4-Small 60 Degree Hard Grid

1-Medium 60 degree Hard Grid

Speed Rings Various Sizes



2-Western Dolly

1-Sled Dolly

1-CamTram Dolly System

1-Trovato 6’ Jib Arm

1-Panther Ubangii Camera Slider Systen, 4’ & 6’ Rails

1-Oconnor Hydroped #102-B

2-Quickset Studio Camera Pedestal

1-Weaver Steadman 2 Axis Head

1-Oconnor Model 50 Head

1-100mm Bowl Wooden Tripod

1-Wheeled Tripod Spreader

1-Rotating Offset

1-Geared Tripod Head with Wheels

Lot-Misc Camera mount Pieces

5-PHP 8’ Precision I Beam Dolly Track

1-PHP 5’ Precision I Beam Dolly Track

1-PHP Starter Ramp Precision I Beam Dolly Track

7-8’ Dolly Straight Track

30+-Speed Rail Track Rubber Mounts



20+-40” C Stands

20+-40” Turtle Base C Stands

10+-40” Arms with Grip Heads

10+-2.5” Grip Heads

12+-Baby Kit Stands

6+-Junior Combo Stands

8+-Rolling Baby Stands

10+-Lowel Baby Stand Extensions

1-MSE Super Crank Stand

1-MSE Cinevator Stand

8+-MSE Magic Stands with Rolling Base



20+-Baby Pipe Hangers

20+-Jr. Pipe Hangers

15+Mafer/Super Clamps

10+-Gaffer Grips

20+-C Clamps Various Sizes

15+-Extension Hangers with Stirrup

10+-Baby Side Arm

10+-Baby Offset

10+-Jr. Side Arm

10+-Jr. Offset

20+-Furniture/Bar Clamps Varying Lengths

10+-Frame/Pipe Ears

10+-Baby to Jr. Stand Adapter Pins

6+-2×4 Wall Spreaders

6+-2×6 Wall Spreaders

2-MSE Condor Mount

2-Jr. Trapeze

2-T Bone Floor Plate

6-MSE Jr. Pin to Cross Bar

12-2.5” Grip Head to Mafer Pin

2-Pipe Hanger to 2.5” Grip Head

2-MSE Side Arm to 2.5” Grip Head

10+-Flex Arms to Thread

12+-Baby Set Wall Hangers

12+-Jr. Set Wall Hangers

15+-Baby Floor Plates

15+-Baby wall Plates

8-45 Degree Baby wall Plates

10+-Jr. Floor Plates

10+-Chain Vice Grip with Pin

50+-Roto Lock for 1.5” Pipe

6-Tree Branch Clamps

6+-Beam Clamps

10+-6” & 8” Baby Stud C Clamps

10+-6” & 8” Jr Receiver C Clamps

7-Double Sided Mafer Clamps

6-6×6 Scaffold

2-6’ Single Sided Fiberglass Step Ladder

1-10’ Single Sided Fiberglass Step Ladder

2-12’ Single Sided Fiberglass Step Ladder

Lot-Misc Length 1.5” ID Speed Rail

4-Auto Pole 95” to 178”

4+-42” Reflectors in Need of Recover

10+-Internal 1.5” Pipe Sleeve Couplers

2-Post Strap Brackets

5-MSE Dot & Finger Kits

10+-Flex Arms for Dot & Finger Kits

Lot-Misc Speed Rail Fittings

2-MSE 6×6 Survival Kits-Rags & Frame

20+-MSE 20lb Fly Away Sand Bags

Lot-Rosco 50, 75, 100lb Fillable Sand Bags

1-Rosco 8211 Series 2 fogger

1-Rosco Chiller Module

1-Direct Air System Fan with Stand

40+-Misc. Uncovered Frames, 12×18, 18×24, 24×30, ++

10+-Tall & Short Wooden Directors Chairs



50+ Varying Size Cases, Rolling and Non Rolling

1-Telescript FPS120 LED Flatpanel Teleprompter

18+-Wardrobe Z Racks

1-Mola Euro Beauty Dish 33.5”

1-Mola Setti Beauty Dish 28”

2-9” Monitor Mount Brackets

30+-Music Stand Clip on Lights

1-Graphics Machine

Lot-Motorola Radius GP300 Walkies


Joseph Finn Co., Inc. TN Lic. #5822

Paul J. Finn TN Lic. #6693

Inspection and Removal by Appointment Only
Inspection: Thursday, February 20th from 9:00AM to 4:00PM
Removal: Mon. to Thurs., March 2ndth to March 5th
For Appointments Please Contact Auctioneer’s Office at 617.964.1886
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