Wormtown Production & Pilot Brewery

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Worcester, MA 01604


Beautiful DME Production Brewery


  • BREWHOUSE: DME 30 BBL 4-Vessel with 60 BBL DME HLT and CLT
  • BRITE TANKS: (2) 180 BBL DME Brite Tanks, (3) DME and Prospero 120 BBL Brite Tanks, 90 BBL Proposer Brite Tank, (5) DME 30 BBL Brite Tanks, (2) Prospero 30 BBL Brite Tanks, (6) DME and Prospero 120 BBL, (6) DME, Prospero and Pro Brew 90 BBL, (12) DME and Prospero 60 BBL, (2) 30 BBL Fermenters
  • SEPARATOR: Westfalia Separator Skid
  • PILOT SYSTEM: Prospero 7 BBL 2-Vessel Brewhouse with (6) 7 BBL Fermenters and (2) Stackable 7 BBL Brites
  • CAN LINE: CFT Master Can RF 20 Can Line with SKA Can-I-Bus Depalletizer, FT Level Inspector, Switchback TP-15 Tray Packer
  • BOTTLING LINE: GAI 5031 FM Bier Bottler and Crowner – GR-X Depalletizer and Conveyance,
  • GRAIN HANDLING: Robin Mikro Roppi-600 Grain Mill and Auger Delivery System, RMS 4-Roll Mill and Delivery System, (2) 50,000# Galvanized Grain Silos, Spent Grain Silo, Super Sack Unloader, GSI Chain Disc, Feed Pro Flow Scale
  • SUPPORT: (3) G&D Chillers, Columbia Boiler with Blowdown, Roberts PolyproTHA 240 Carrier Applicator, Complete Large Scale Laboratory, Maintenance and All Plant Support


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