Bexel March 2018 Family & Friends Online Auction

Auction Type: Online Only

Sale Date:
Bidding Opens: Friday, March 9th at 9:00AM ET
Bidding Closes: Wednesday, March 14th Starting at 11:00AM ET/8:00AM PT

2701 North Ontario St. Burbank, California 91504


Camera / Support:

  • Qty of Red Epic-(M & X) Dragon 6K Cinema Cameras, Red 512GB Mini Mags, Red OLFP’s, Qty of Sony HDFA-200 HD Fiber Adapter, Canon PJ55X9B IE Box Lens, Various SD Canon and Fujinon Lenses, QTY of B-Stock: Vinten 3449-3 Vision 6 Fluid 75mm Heads, Vinten Vision 3 Head, Vinten Vision 5AS Head, Vinten Vision Blue 3 & Vision Blue 5 Heads, Vinten Dolly Wheels, Anton Bauer Digital V190 V-Mount Batteries and O’Connor O-Rig Pro Kits. Several Thomson LDK-4482/51 Sleds and Qty of RF Central RFX-RMR Receivers


Servers / Switchers / Terminal / Record:

  • Qty of EVS LSM Controllers, EVS X-File 2, Qty of Sony SRW-5500 SRW Recorders, Qty of MSW-M2000 Digital Recorders & DVW-M2000/A500 Digital Recorders. Qty of Evertz HD9690 Generators, ESE 943U Digital Clock, Qty of Lance Design and DNF Controllers, Blackmagic & AJA Converters, Qty of Telecast Boxes: Adder, 442, Viper 800, Diamondback. Several Miteq U9696 Up Converters, Deluxe Sand Blast Cabinet



  • QTY of Litepanels Lights: New Astra 1×1 BiColor, 1×1 LS Bi-Color, LP 1×1 Bi-Focus, LP 1×1 Bi-Color, B-Stock LS 1×1 Bi-Color, ENG Light Kits, B-Stock Astra Mono Tungsten, B-Stock Hilio, B-Stock 1×1 Bi-Focus Spot/Flood, B-Stock 1×1 Flood Daylight, B-Stock Mono Daylight Plus, B-Stock 1X1 Travelers Tri Plus Light Kits, QTY of Arri Light Kits, Arri Arrilite 1000’s, Arri Daylight Compact 575 HMI Lights and ballasts, QTY of Arri Arrisun 5 575W HMI Par Lights, Modern 10’x12’ Scrims (Double & Single).



  • Large Qty of Clear-Com B-Stock: Tempest (900 Mhz & 2.4 Ghz) Kits & Accessories, Dual & Single Headsets, KB-702GM Stations, HB-704 Stations, WBS-680 Base Station, Encore KB-702GMs HB-702 Stations, KB-211GMs, Eclipse Voice Interface, RS-522 Belt Packs. QTY of Audio Technica Lav Mics, QTY of Sony ECM Lac Mics, QTY of Audix D3 Mic’s QTY of Sennheiser Shotgun, Lav Mics & Antennas, QTY of DPA Mics, Hafler Pro 6000 Amps, Behringer HA4700’s MX882 & DEQ2496 Racks, Dolby LM100 Broadcast Loudness Meter, Dolby DP563 Surround & Pro Logic II Encoder, Dolby SDU4 Surround Decoder Unit, Dolby DP564 Multi Channel Audio Decoder, Dolby DP571 Dolby E Encoder, Dorrough Loudness Monitors, Qty of Matchbox Interfaces, QTY of RTS Panels & Stations. Qty of Whirlwind Splitter Systems and Cable Runs (DT12 and 56 Pair).


Inspection: Mon. & Tues. March 12th & 13th 10:00 to 4:00 – No Appt. Needed

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