NexGen Power Systems – AUCTION CANCELED
All Equipment Has Been Sold In Its Entirety

Auction Type: Online Only

Sale Date:
Bidding Opens: Monday, March 11th, Starting At 8:00 AM
Bidding Closes: Wednesday, March 13th, Starting At 11:00 AM

50 Collamer Crossing Parkway
East Syracuse, NY 13057
All Equipment Has Been Sold In Its Entirety


Closure of Low-Volume Semiconductor & Metrology Fab
Multi-Million Dollar Facility Investment Featuring:
Front-End & Back-End Semi | Metrology | Lab | Wet Process
Aixtron | Veeco | Sigma | CamTek | Keysight | KLA


Front-End Semiconductor:

  • Aixtron Type AIX G5 HT TM MOVPE Planetary Reactor (2022)
  • Veeco WaferStorm 3300 Model M3303-7 Wet Etching System (2021)
  • Sigma SPTS/KLS fxP Physical Vapor Deposition System (PVD)
  • Camtek Eagle T-i Advanced Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System (2021)
  • ECM Technologies Group Jipelec Jetfirst 300C Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) Furnace (2022)
  • Tencor Instruments KLA Surfscan 5500 (2020 Refurbished)
  • ESI E3511 Asher (2020)


Back-End Semiconductor:

  • Disco DGP8761 Fully Automatic Grinder/Polisher (2020) – 650 Wafers Processed!
  • Eaton Nova/Axcelis 8250HT Impant System
  • Bristol 137 Optical Non-Contact Wafer Thickness Measurer
  • (2) USI Ultron UH114-8 Tape
  • Hugle Semicorp HS-1810  Die Matrix Expander (2022)
  • SEC 3150 Wafer/Film Frame Tape Applicator (2020)


Metrology | Test:

  • Keysight 4771A Series PCM Parametric Test System
  • (2) 2017 Tokyo Seimitsu Acctetech UF200R Auto Wafer Probers
  • Micromanipulator Prober with Keithley 4200A Parameter Analyzer
  • Rudolph Research/AutoEL III SS292 Elipsometer
  • Focused Test FTI-1000 Tester
  • ProFilm 3D Microscope


Wet Process:

  • MTS MicroTech IPA Gradient Dryer (2020)
  • Kinetics 48″ Front Access Wet Bench (2020)
  • Sitek Process Solutions FLuorwave HTC 8030 Box Washer



  • Denton Desk V Vauum System
  • Allied High Tech Products TechPrep Polishing System
  • Lindberg BlueM MO1440P3A-1 Mechanical Oven


Inspection and Removal By Appointment Only

For Appointments: Contact the Auctioneers Office at 617-964-1886 or



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