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Bidding Opens: Thursday, March 12th at 11:00 AM EDT
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3135 NW Industrial St. Portland, Oregon 97210



2018 Ketan LR-290R Wrap Around Bottle Labeler s/n KLS-136157, TC-34M Squeeze Conveyor, 2017 Leibinger Jet2neo Ink Jet Printer s/n LJ-409214

2017 Ketan LR-290R Wrap Around Labeler s/n  KLS-136119, TC-34M Squeeze Conveyor, 2017 Leibinger Jet2 Neo Ink Jet Printer s/n LJ-410776

Universal R320 Round Product Labeler s/n R320-06C-1142L, VideoJet 1520 Ink Jet Printer

Universal R-315 Carrousel/L-15 Labeling System s/n 718-004-1-05-1064


Tube Filling

2011 TotalPacks TFS-100A Automatic Plastic Tube Filler and Sealer s/n         5ML-250ML, Accumulation Table, Hopper & Parts, Anges Chiller

JDA Packaging Equipment Super 30 Automatic Tube Filler s/n 150113, Conveyor, Accumulation Table, Hopper & Parts, TempTek Chiller

JDA Packaging Equipment Super 30 Automatic Tube Filler s/n 230122, Conveyor, Accumulation Table, Hopper & Parts, Anges Chiller

JDA Packaging Equipment Super 30 Automatic Tube Filler s/n 230117, Conveyor, Accumulation Table, Hopper & Parts, Anges Chiller

Spare Hoppers



2018 Accutek 04-500-P01 Automatic 6-Head Vacuum Filling Machine s/n A-17205287, 6&8 Oz.  (Very Little Use)

Cavalla K15 Flexfill 6 Bottom Up Filler s/n 111, Heated Tank, Chiller Freezer

Accutek AT/AP Perfume Production Line, 2004 Mini-Pinch 11 Head Filler s/n A-17-201328, STR Nozzle Type, Conveyor

Accutek Roll-On Perfume Production Line 6 Head Manual Filler, Conveyor, VideoJet 1520 Ink Jet Printer, Squeeze Conveyor

Accutek Spray Perfume Production Line, 4 Head Filler

2006 Accutek 00.005. 6 Head Larger Volume Filler s/n 202324

JDS PF200-1 Piston Filler s/n 110412, Hopper



Tear Drop Pallet Shelving Including:

(75) 12′ x 44″ Uprights

(295) 16′ x 44″ Uprights

(1930) 8′ Beams

(150) Upright Guards

Supports/Sliding Shelves

19 Sections Kingway Flow Racking


Material Handling

Tailift USA Flexi Plus Electric Narrow Isle Articulating Forklift s/n NA01329, 3300#, 194″, 3,465 Hours

Tailift USA DV8R Electric Narrow Isle Articulating Forklift s/n 600004, 3,630#, 189”, 739 Hours

Mitsubishi FG25N LPG Forklift s/n AF17D03330, 5,000#, 188” Vertical, 3,140 Hours, Side Shift, Attach 1: SS39P25L

Cat CC4000 LPG Forklift s/n AT81F50079, 1,700 Hours, 3,125#, 200” Vertical, Side Shift, 3 Stage Mast

Linde Electric Pallet Jack

(2) 2017 Uline H5440 Straddle Stackers

(12) Hyd. Pallet Jacks

Dayton 2ZE61 Pallet Jack with Scale

2019 Vestil Drum-55-SCL-E Drum Lift s/n S1724370, 600#, Digital Scale

Forklift Lifting Cage

Wesco Drum Lift



2016 Chicago Pneumatic CPBG 50 D UL Rotary Screw Air Compressor, 50HP, Built-In Dryer,Air Tank

IR 2545E10V Horiz Tank Mounted Air Compressor s/n CBV286233

IR Tank Mounted Air Compressor, (4) Dryers, Vert. Tank Mounted Air Compressor

Speedaire Compressor, Dryer


Case & Carton Sealers

(6) Intertape Polymer Group Interpack USA 2024-SB Carton Sealers s/n’s

TM09404F102, TM09407B04, TM09414L057, TM09414L051, TM09406B011, TM09405A035


Loading Platform

Bluff 20SP812-AAL-SP Angled Portable Loading Platform s/n 307026, 20,000# Capacity


Material Storage Building

2018 Environmental Compliance Products 25B-TT Hazardous Material Storage Building s/n 2035, , Approx. 5’6” x 25′,  (5) 56″ x 86″ LxH Pallet Wide Doors, Built-In Fire Supression System

3M-Matic 18600 Random Case Sealer s/n 1032, Conveyor


SS Drums

(36) Uline S-17353 55 Gallon Drums, (14) Uline S-20529 30 Gal Drums


Plant Equipment

Digital Platform Scale

Eagle 1000B Pallet Stretch Wrapper s/n WR1811390

International Baler Corp. DC-55 Drum Crusher

Tank & Lift & Mixer

Move N Cool AC Units

Band Saw, Drill Press, DE Grinder

Smithy Granite 1324 Lathe & Milling Machine


Inspection:  Friday, January 24th 9:00AM to 2:00PM By Appointment Only.  Contact Barbara at 617 964 1886

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