Surplus Equipment to Printer’s Bindery

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Bidding Opens: Tuesday, June 11 @ 9:00 AM ET
Bidding Closes: Tuesday June 18th Starting @ 11:00 AM ET

925 Freeman Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45203


Die Cutter:

2007 Brausse Model 1050-SE Automatic Platen Die Cutter, s/n JZ-22148, 1050mm x 750mm Max Cutting Size, 7500 Sheets Per Hour Max Mechanical Speed, 300 Ton Max Cutting Pressure, 220 Volt, 3 Phase, Scrap Ejector, 41.3″ x 29.5″ Max Sheet Size, 15.8″ x 14.2″ Min. Sheet Size, w/(3) Chases, (2) Extra Gripper Bars, Stripping Pins w/Double Sided Quick Change Die Changer


Perfect Binders:

1997 Muller Martini 18-Pocket Normbinder NB2SC Perfect Binding Line Consisting of Muller Martini stream Cover Feeder, s/n 94.00431, Muller Martini Model 3690 Type 94.00431 18-gathering pockets, Muller Martini hand feed Extension, Muller Martini Mod. 3690 Reject Gate, Muller Martini NB2SC Binding Unit, (20) Clamps, 11,000 Max Speed Per Hour, Muller Martini Mod. 1541 Power Belt Conveyors system ,Muller Martini Zenith Type 3672 3-Knife Trimmer, s/n 94.00431.01, Muller Martini Mod. 1534 Uno Stacker, s/n 948057, Valco Mod. BDM299 Glue Premelter Unit, s/n 9311-092, Nordson Mod. Proglue 10-Side Glue System, s/n SA06L33948, w/Series LA404 Pattern Control System Controller with (2) Glue Guns

1998 Kolbus 24-Pocket Perfect Binding Line Consisting of Kolbus Mod. ZU804 24-Pocket Gathering Unit, s/n 807, Kolbus Mod. KM472 Ratio Binder, s/n 406, w/Hot Melt Glue & PUR Glue w/(21) Clamps, Nordson Mod. PM-Series Hot Melt Glue Premelter Adhesive Application System, Nordson Mod. BM-200-G5K52Mq PUR Glue Premelter Adhesive Application System w/55 Gal. Barrel Glue Pump, Kolbus Mod. KM25 Stream Feeder Cover Feeder Units, s/n LU02F04138, Kolbus Mod. F8K Power Radius Belt Conveyor, s/n 924, 1998 Kolbus Mod. HD151P 3-Knife Trimmer, s/n 454, Rima System Mod. FS.L 13″ Stacker, 334947-10, Rietschle air center

Muller Martini Mod. 246 “Baby Pony” 5-Station Hand Feed Perfect Binder, s/n 0-3383/B-738 (On Skid, Not Installed)

2009 Nordson Mod. Durablue4-L Hot Glue Premelter Unit, s/n NC09H00005, 200-240 Volts, 3 Ph., 4-Head Capability w/Nordson Logicomm Glue Gun Drive & Nordson Series LA404-2 Glue Gun Pattern Control System


Saddle Stitchers:

Muller Martini 335 Saddle Stitcher ;Consisting of (4) Muller Martini Mod. 306 Folded Signature Feeders, s/n 99.25423, 91.00612, 91.00612, 91.00612, (2)Muller Martini Mod. 1528 cover feeders, s/n 947956, Muller Martini Mod. 335/0401 4-Head Stitcher, s/n 91.01166, Muller Martini Mod. Type 0360-0400 5-Knife Trimmer, s/n 91.01166

Muller Martini Prima Saddle Stitcher ;Consisting of (2) 1999 Muller Martini Mod. 0370.0401-12 Signature Feeders, s/n 91.06073, MMZO-186-351, (2) 1997 Muller Martini Mod. 0370.0401-10 Signature Feeders, s/n 91.06119 & 91.06119, (2) 1999 Muller Martini Mod. 1528/0416 Card Feeders, s/n NN427 & 060367, Muller Martini Prima Mod. 390.0400 4-Head Saddle Stitcher, s/n 91.06073, 1997 Muller Martini Mod. 0360.0402 5-Knife Trimmer, s/n 91.06073, , 1997 Rima System Mod. RS-119-1/4″ Stacker, s/n 114763-10

Muller Martini 335 Saddle Stitcher Line #3 Consisting of (6) Muller Martini Mod. Type 306 Folded Signature Feeders, s/n 91.00612, 99.25423 & N/A, Muller Martini Mod. 1529 cover feeder, s/n 947956-28 & 947408-24, Muller Martini Mod. 335/0401 4-Head Stitcher, s/n 99.31171, Muller Martini Mod. 890.8400 3-Knife Trimmer, s/n 99.31171 ( not in operation, needs work)

Wohlenberg Mod. 44FM50 3-Knife Trimmer, s/n 3039-019 (Reconditioned by Amatco 2001) w/ touch screen PLC

1998 Rima Mod. RS-11 9 1/4″ Stacker, s/n 115226-10


Paper Cutters:

1985 Polar Mohr EMC Monitor Mod. 115MON 45″ Paper Cutter, s/n 5532046, w/(2) 39 1/4″ x 39 1/4″ Air Tables, (1) 37 1/4″ Diagonal Air Table

1978 Schneider Mod. Senator Mod. 115 45 1/4″ Automatic Paper Cutter, s/n 44.411, w/Golden Gate Microsystems Mod. Microcut Control,

Polar Mohr Mod. RA-4 35 1/2″ x 45 1/4″ Jogger, s/n 6882606, w/Air Table w/Heidelberg Mod. 8200 Scale

Challenge 305XD 30 ½” programmable paper cutter, s/n 06XD1201


Tipping Line:

Kirk Rudy Tipping Line Consisting of Kirk Rudy Mod. 215SP-36 17″ Pick & Place Tipping Unit, s/n 100107339, Kirk Rudy Mod. 219RSF Infeed & Plow Folder, s/n 10011453, Kirk Rudy Mod. 219-FM Plow Folder, s/n 10011454, Kirk Rudy KR730F register table, Kirk Rudy Mod. 314-8 12″ Delivery Table, s/n 10013595, w/Sure Tack Systems Mod. STS25-4H Hot Melt Glue System, s/n 091295, (3) Glue Guns, (4) Glue Gun Cap.


Ink Jet:

Kirk Rudy Inkjet Line Consisting of Kirk Rudy Mod. 224 Pile Feeder, s/n 1304-592, Kirk Rudy Mod. 219-W Vacuum Conveyor Table, s/n 1304-1832, Kirk Rudy Wave Jet V2.5 Mod. WJ201 Inkjet Printing System, s/n 1304-165, Kirk Rudy Mod. 881-3 Inline UV Curing Head, s/n 1304-1411, Kirk Rudy Mod. 314-12 12′ Output Conveyor, s/n 1304-4142

VideoJet BX6500 Inkjet Printing System Consisting of Videojet BX6500 Printing Head, s/n 40260703A, Controller Module w/Computer, s/n 07265-1001-WD, Cheshire 7000 Mod. R987000-82 Vacuum Conveyor Table, s/n 013090001WDR, Cheshire Mod. 568 12′ Take Out Conveyor, Cheshire 6′ Take Out Conveyor, Secap Mod. 1947-000 Tabber, s/n 1007003

Cheshire 7000 Mod. 987000-82 Videojet Base Table, s/n 982790002EL



MBO B30-C Continuous Fed Folder s/n P12/94, MBO Mod. B30-1-30/4 Folder, s/n P12/94, MBO Mod. B30-2-30/4 Folder, s/n P10/162, MBO Mod. ASP66-2ME Stacker, s/n 81048

Line # 1 Stahl RF66-V Continuous Fed Folder, s/n 31069-125114, TF66/44-RF Folder, s/n 31069-12511, 2.TF66/4.2 Folder, s/n 44658-186002 & VSA-M66.1 Stacker, s/n 116129-263576, w/PCS100 Counter

Line #2 Stahl RF66V.2 Continuous Fed Folder, s/n 38673-155107, TF66.6-RF2 Folder, s/n 38673-155107, 2.TF56/4KC Folder, s/n 30498-119015, 3.TF56/KB Folder, s/n 29837-116239 & VSA-M66.I Stacker, s/n 110122-263533, w/PCS100 Counter

Line #6 Stahl Mod. RF-56V Continuous Fed Folder, s/n 30498-119015, w/Stahl TF56/44-RF Folder, s/n 30498-119015 (UNIT IS OUT OF SERVICE, PARTS MISSING)

Line #5 Stahl 2TF56/KC Folder, s/n 32379-130120, w/Stahl Mod. STA30 Stacker, s/n 37443-15453

Stahl Mod. Station RF-56V Feeder Unit, s/n 32379-130120, Stahl Mod. Total Count Electronic Counter w/Stahl Mod. Station TF-56/40 Roller Unit, s/n 32379-130120

(2) Stahl Mod. STA30F Stackers, s/n 703495-187540 & 695383-178545

Stahl Mod. T36/6.2-36/4 F.2 Folder, s/n 38030-157579, w/F36M Pile Feeder, s/n 38030-157579

Stahl Mod. T36/6.-36/4 F.2 Folder, s/n 36476-148579, w/Stahl Mod. F36M Pile Feeder, s/n 36476-148585 & 2.T 36U/4 Right Angle Folder, s/n 255028 (No Motor)

Stahl Mod. VSA366/M Stacker, s/n 703480-297971

Stahl Mod. VFZ52.2 knife folder, s/n 86548-246046

Stahl Mod. Station VFZ43 knife folder, s/n 29293-115001

Stahl 2.TF66/4QC Folder, s/n 37417-153130

Stahl 3.TF56.3/4 Folder, s/n 48649-216048

O&M 17 1/2 x 22 1/2 2-Parallel Folder, s/n 6787

Stahl SAK66.3 Stacker, s/n 37417-153130

Stahl 2.TF56/4KC Folder, s/n 32379-130120

Stahl 3.TF56/4.2 Folder, s/n 44658-186002

LOT (2) Stahl 29″ Roller Folder Double Gate Plates

LOT (2) Stahl West Scoring Units

LOT (4) Technifold Super-Score Scoring Units



1997 Atlas Copco Mod. GA15 Cabinet Enclosed Rotary Screw Air Compressor, 35 HP, s/n A11230636, 132 PSIG

2007 Atlas Copco Mod. GA37 Cabinet Enclosed Rotary Screw Air Compressor, s/n AP1592499, 131 PSIG


Paper Handling Equipment:

Balemaster Mod. 4030G-6 Horizontal Open Ended Baler with Auto Tie, s/n B0103-06-6502533, 30″ x 66″ x 36″ Bale Size

Airecon Cyclone Mod. T-4/I Cyclone Scrap Collection System, s/n CY-0232, Size 32, S.O. Number L-8272, w/(1) 40 HP Suction Unit, 20″ Inlet Duct, (1) 30 HP Suction Unit, 18″ Inlet Duct. (1) 20 HP Suction Unit, 14″ Inlet Duct, (1) 40 HP Air Balancing Unit, 32″ x 32″ Duct Outlet w/Associated Duct Work w/30 Bag Dust Collection System



2011 DHP Model Classic Automatic Drill w/6 Heads, Machine s/n D4263-CPT, Head s/n’s RJ0836, RJ0884, LI0730, LI0704 & LI0747, 18″ W Adj. Shuttlefeed Conveyor, Red Lion Touch Screen Control, Portable Cart Base, 220 Volt, 3 Phase



Slauterback Mod. F830 Hot Melt Glue System w/FC1 Flow Controller & CH42T Pattern Controller


Shrink Wrapping:

Shanklin S23C L-Sealer s/n S9597, 16″, Mod. T-6XL Heat Shrink Tunnel Oven s/n T-95417

1995 J&D JD1610-48 16″ x 10″ x 48″ Heat Shrink Tunnel Oven, s/n 06848TLJD

(2) Beseler T16-8D shrink wrap lines, s/n 01198988 and 00199138

(2) Eastey EM16TTK shrink wrap lines

Preferred Packaging md. PP180828 shrink wrap



Kirk Rudy Mod. 545-D Three sided Wafer Tabber System, s/n 1305-286, Red Lion Control

Paragon Mod. 1947-0000 3/4″ – 2″ Floor Standing Tabbing System,


Spiral Coil Equipment:

(2) Bielomatik md. 12-96 auto fed Wire-O closing machines with tooling

Sickenger MHP-17 power paper punch

(2) Sickenger ASP13 dual disk auto fed paper punches

Sickenger STL1000 twin loop Wire-O closer

Spiel Punchmaster 3120 auto fed 21” wide paper punch w/ dies. s/n 312000192

Absolute TTSB MAG spiral bind plastic coil inserter

GBC Combi-Bind C100 Spiral Binder

Roll-a-Coil Electric Coil Inserter, s/n 030276

IBICO Comb Binder


Misc. Bindery Equipment:

Ramsay AC4000T check weigher ( auto scale) with Multifeeder MFT 450 product feeder

MPP Moffet Precision Products Page Pull Test Machine, s/n 3110-8-195

Fenimore Mfg. Model 258 8 1/2″ x 17″ 3-Hole Punch Unit, s/n 269 Dual Head Card Feeder

1997 Duplo Mod. DC-10/60 10-Pocket Collector, s/n 040800101, 120 Volt, Single Phase, Microprocessor Control w/LUL-HM Light Unit, s/n 041000125, DC-12JR Jogger, s/n 70801150

Rosback Mod. Tru-Line II 223A Perforator, s/n 223A87376

Syntron Mini Jogger

Seybold 30″ Guillotine Paper Cutter (Not in Service)

(2) MGS IPP-490DD Pick – n -Place feeders

(4) Signode LBX2000 arch style 30” wide strappers


Plant Equipment:

2011 Cincinnati Fan Model 200S/T3 Top Mounted 55 Gal. Drum Dust Collector, s/n 1105962

LOT (10) Pallet Trucks

LOT (25) Sections of Adj. Beam Pallet Racking>

LOT (2) Jet Hydraulic Stackers

LOT (7) Accordian Style Roller Conveyors

LOT (2) 2008 3M Mod. A20 Box Taping Machines, s/n 50362 & 50325

Hytrol 18″ x 27′ Powered Belt Conveyor, s/n 472094


Inspection: Tuesday, June 11th 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM By Appointment Only
Contact Barbara at 617 964 1886 or

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