Surplus to the Ongoing Operations of ARPI Group

Auction Type: Online Only

Sale Date:
Bidding Opens Friday, March 19th at 9:00 AM ET
Bidding Closes Thursday, March 25th Starting at 10:00 AM ET

17890 NW 29th Court, Miami, FL 33056



(24) American DJ Mega Tri Bar TRI Color RGB LEDs – 18 LEDs (3 Watts)

(106) AMPRO Tec Show FlatTriTec Par LED Wash 30W

(108) AMPRO TecShow HandyPAR Wireless & Rechargeable LED Par – 6 x tri-3W LEDs

(8) AMPRO TecShow ION 150S Compact Moving Head Spot – 150W White LED

(8) AMPRO TecShow ION 150S RGBW Compact Moving Head Spot – RGBW LED

(36) AMPRO TecShow MadTEC Beam LED Moving Head – 36 x 3W LEDs

(2) AMPRO TecShow Navigator DMX Control w/256 Channels

(8) AMPRO TecShow Neutronic Blinder Effect powered by 3000W Lamp

(24) AMPRO TecShow StickTriTec Tri-LED Bar – 12 x 3 Watts Tri Color LEDs

(8) AMPRO AXIA – Maxxo Moving Head Spot Fixture

(10) AMPRO AXIA -Trio Moving Head Hybrid Fixture

(15) Ampro TecShow HEP TEC 7-Way LED Moonflower Effect Powered By 294 RGBW

(12) Ampro TecShow MAIN TEC RGB LED Centerpiece with Eight Scanning Heads – 120 RGB

(4) Ampro TecShow MOON TEC Revolutionary RGBW LED Moonflower Effect – 256 RGBW

(3) Ampro TecShow CUATRO TEC 4- way RGBWY LED Moonflower Effect – 220 RGBWY 5 mm. LED’s

(9) Ampro TecShow NAVIGATOR 8CH DMX Moving Lights Controller – 192 Channels

(12) Ampro TecShow PAR TEC Heavy-duty Led Par Can – 177 RGB 10 mm LEDs

(2) Ampro TecShow GREY 12 12-Mic/Line 4-Stereo Analog Mixer with 4 Auxiliary Outputs

(1) Ampro TecShow NAVIGATOR48 Dmx dimming controller – 48 Channels

(28) Ampro TecShow OCTOBEAM Moving Beam Bar – 8 x 8W White LEDs

(36) Ampro TecShow OCTOBEAM CROSS Double-movement Beam Bar – 8 x 9W White LEDs

(6) Ampro TecShow BAR COB 8 Pixel Controlled Bar – 8 x Tri-15W COB LEDs

(16) Ampro TecShow FLASH TEC Compact & powerful LED Strobe – 4 x 3.5W ultra-bright LED’s

(13) Ampro TecShow MAD TEC Beam LED Moving Head – 36 x 3W LEDs

(2) Ampro TecShow NEUTRONIC 3000 Blinder Effect powered by 3000W Lamp

(21) Ampro TecShow SPOT TEC20 Compact white LED Pinspot powered by 1 White 3W LED

(6) Coemar 575W EB Coemar iSpot 575EB Moving Head Fixture

(12) Coemar PANORAMA 36 RGB LEDs

(36) ColorMaker LED Wash Wall Floods Battery Powered RGBAW LED Wash Fixture

(3) Dimmer Rack 24 channel Dimmer Rack

(8) Elation Design Spot 575E Moving Head Spot & Wash in One

(24) Elation ELAR 180 PAR RGBWA High Power Outdoor IP65 Rated RGBWA LED Par

(12) Elation OPTI 30 RGB Compact LED Par Can w/RGB Color Mixing

(24) Elation OPTI TRI PAR 18 x 3W Tri Color LED Par

(2) Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extreme Moving Head Beam

(6) High End Systems TechnoArc Moving Head Spot Fixture

(2) Jands Lighting Vista S1 DMX Control

(32) Leko Conventional Ellipsoidal Source 4

(2) Leko Conventional Jr Source 4 Jr Zoom

(12) Martin Mac III AirFX Moving Head Spot Fixture

(6) Martin Mania DC1 Lighting Fixture providing Water Effects

(12) Vari*Lite VL1100 LED Moving Head Spot Lighting Fixture

(100) Pinspot Conventional

(16) Chauvet Maverick MK2 Spot Moving Yoke Spot with a 440W LED engine

(8) Ampro Neo ION 3715Z Moving Head Beam Wash with 37 x 15W 4in1 RGBW LEDS

(8) Ampro TecShow ION 1510Z Moving Head Beam Wash with 15 x 15W 4in1 RGBW LEDS

(18) Ampro TecShow ION 230B Beam Moving Head 230W lamp with 1.3 degree angle


Lasers + Kinetic Orbs

(2) Kvant Clubmax 3000 FB4 RGB laser display system

(120) Eastsun Orbisfly LED Kinetic Orbs Systems 15cm LED Balls + 3 meter Winches



(6) Christie LX450 LCD Projector 5000 Lumens

(6) Christie Lens

(7) Sanyo PLC-HF15000L Projector 15000 Lumens

(3) Sanyo Lens For Sanyo Projector 1.3-1.8

(3) Sanyo Lens For Sanyo Projector 1.8-2.2

(3) RGBlink RGB LINK – Video Switcher

(2) Avolite Ai RX8 Media server



(8) AMPRO AudioLab 218 Subwoofer Sub 2×18″ 1200 W Passive

(12) AMPRO AudioLab ALA-210 Line Array 2×10″ + 3″ Driver Passive (2 Way)

AMPRO AudioLab ALA-212 Line Array 2×12″ + 3’Driver Passive (3 Way)

(1) RCF Self Power System 2 Sub 2 Mid 2 Top

(8) Meyer MSL4 Self-Powered Loudspeaker

(4) Meyer DS-2 Mid-Bass Loudspeaker

(4) Meyer 650-P Self-Powered Reinforcement Subwoofer

(1) Meyer Processor and Power Rack

(12) Nexo PS10 Passive Monitor Loudspeaker

(2) Nexo PS8 Passive Monitor Loudspeaker

(1) Midas Verona 480 Mixer Analog – 48 Channel Console

(1) Soundcraft Mixer Analog

(2) Power Rack Audio lab amp rack

(2) AMPRO TecShow Grey 12 12 Ch Analog Mixer

(2) AMPRO AudioLab Live 16XL 20-Channel Digital Mixer

(16) IDEA EVO20 2-way Active dual 10″ line array system

IDEA VOA8 2-way Passive bi-amp 8″ compact multipurpose line array system

IDEA VOA16 3-way Passive Tri-amp high power line array system

(1) IDEA TEOd8

(1) Audio Lab DSP-4801

(1) Audio Lab DA 4000

(1) Audio Lab DA 2500

(1) Drawmer DL 441 Quad Auto Compressor Limiter

(1) Behringer MDX2200 Composer Pro Multi-function Dynamics Processor

(1) Behringer MDX1400 Autocom Pro Compressor/Limiter

(2) Behringer DSP 8024 Ultra-Curve Pro Equalizer

3) DBX 231 EQ Dual Channel 31-Band Equalizer

(1) Yamaha SPX 900 Professional Multieffect Processor

(1) Yamaha EMP 700 Stereo Multieffect Processor

(1) Roland SDE 1000 Digital Delay

(1) Lexicon MPX 1000 Dual Channel Processor

(6) Nexo TD Controller PS10 Speaker Controller

(2) Crest Audio 4801 Professional Power Amplifier

(1) Crown K2 Professional Power Amplifier

(4) Crown XLS802 Professional Power Amplifier

(1) AKG by Harman SR40 Receiver Single Wireless Stationary Receiver

(1) AKG by Harman HT40 Transmitter Wireless Handheld Transmitter

(1) Sennheiser ASA 1 Antenna Splitter

(4) Sennheiser EW 100 G2 Wireless Microphone Receiver

(2) Sennheiser EW 100 G3 Wireless Microphone Receiver

(14) Relacart HR-31S Single Channel Wireless System

(5) Relacart H32 Handheld Microphone

(4) Relacart T31 Bodypack Pocket Transmitter for HR-31S

(8) Relacart PM-160R Stereo Mini Receiver

(1) Relacart UR-222S Single Channel Wireless Receiver

(2) MIPRO MU-55L Lavalier Omnidirectional 4.5mm Lavalier Microphone

(10) MIPRO ACT-707 HM Wireless Handheld Microphone

(7) MIPRO ACT-707T Wireless Bodypack Transmitter

MIPRO ACT-707D Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System

(1) Superlux PRO-258 Handheld Microphone

(1) Superlux TOP-258 Handheld Microphone



(10) Truss Triangular 2 Truss Triangular 2mt

(30) Truss Triangular 3Truss Triangular 3mt

(6) Motor 300Lb Single Phase CM Motor

(1) Motor Distro 8 Way Distro Motor Control

(24) Road Cases (New) 36″ x 18″ x 20″


Inspection & Removal by Appointment Only
For Appointments Contact Auctioneer’s Office at 617.964.1886 or
Inspection – Thursday, March 18th from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Removal – Monday, March 29th to Thursday, April 1st from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Due to Social Distancing Guidelines, Inspections &
Removals Will Be by Appointment Only
Masks and Gloves Must Be Worn to Gain Access. (Please Bring Your Own.)
For Pack & Ship Quotes Contact:
Mary Rodriguez or Ricardo Rosales at PakMail Miami
(305)666-1134 or

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