Surplus to the Ongoing Operations of
Post-Op Media

Auction Type: Online Only

Sale Date:
Bidding Opens: Friday, November 4th at 9:00 AM ET
Bidding Closes: Wednesday, November 9th Starting at 11:00 AM ET

2000 N. 14th St., Suite 450
Arlington, VA 22201

Audio Mixers/ProTools

(3) Avid ProTools HD V12.5 Systems

(2) Digidesign Command 8; (3) D-Command Control Surfaces; (2) Rane SM82; SM26B Mixers

(3) Avid HD I/O Interfaces; (4) Sync HD Master Clocks; 192 Interface; (2) Digidesign 888 I/O Interfaces; (3) Sync Master Clocks; XMON Interface



(12) Apple iMac PCs; (11) Mac Pro CPUs; Macbook Pro; HP xw8400 Workstation

(4) APC Smart UPS 2200; Qty Misc Switches; Firewalls

Brother HL-L3270CDW; MFC-7840 Printers


Audio Speakers and Amps

(8) PMC IB1S Passive Studio Monitors; SB100 Subwoofers; (2) Alesis Monitor One Passive Speakers

(7) JBL LSR4326P Powered Speakers; LSR4312SP Powered Subwoofer; (4) Tannoy Reveal Powered Speakers; (2) Behringer Truth B2030P Powered Speakers

(4) Bryston 4BST Power Amps; (3) Crown D-75A Power Amps; (2) Hafler Pro 1200; Trans Nova Power Amps; (2) American Audio VLP300 Power Amps



(13) Aphex 124A Converters; (2) Compellors; Dolby DP571; SEU04 Encoders; DP572; SDU04 Decoders; (2) FR361 with Dolby SR Cards; (2) FR361 with Dolby A Cards; (2) Dorrough 340-A; (4) 40-A Meters; Drawmer M500; Dynafex MICMIX Audio Pro; Focusrite ISA One Preamp; Platinum Voicemaster Preamp/Processor; HHB PDR1000 Portable DAT; Lexcion PCM81 Reverb; (2) Marantz PMD510 Cassette; (4) Midiman Flying Cow Converters; MartinSound Multimax EX Monitor Controllers; Neve 5012 Mic Preamp; (2) Rane AC22 Crossovers; AD288 Delay; (7) ME60 EQ; RDL HR-MP2A Mic Preamp; Sony PCM-2600; (2) PCM-7030 DATs; PCM-800 Mulitrack; (2) Studer D19 Converters; (3) Symetrix SX202; SX204; SX302 Mic Preamps; TI101 Interface; (4) Tascam DA-98 Multitrack; IF-88AE Interface; Telos Zephyr ISDN Audio Interface

Audio Technica AT822; ATM31a Mics


Post Production/Terminal Gear

Blackmagic Universal VideoHub 72 Router

(3) AJA Kona 3 Cards; 4K2HD 4K/UltraHD to HD-SDI and HDMI Down-Converter;

(2) Canopus ADVC110; (3) Sony DVMC-DA1 Converters

(2) Astro SL-7036 Sync Gen; Evertz S7701FR Caption Decoder; Fostex 4011 TCG/R; Nvision NV5500; NV5000; NV1000 Signal Gens; (3) Sprocket Digital RG77 SD Safe Title Gens; Tektronix 1765 NTSC/PAL WFM/Vect; (12) Videotek VDA-16 Video Das

Qty Trompeter; Misc HD Video; Digital Audio; Analog Audio; RS-422 Patch Bays


Projectors/Video Monitors

(2) Christie LWU-420 LCD HD Video Projectors; (2) Stewart Microperf Projection Screens

JVC DT-V24L1D; DT-V24L3D 24 Inch HD LCD Monitors

(2) Panasonic TC-P42G25 42 Inch; (2) TC-P46G10 46 Inch HD Plasma Monitor/TV

Samsung LN-T46621F 46 Inch 1080p HD LCD TV/Monitor; 46 Inch and 36 Inch HD LCD Monitor/TV

Sony KDL-48W600B 48 Inch 1080p Smart LED TV/Monitor; (3) PVM-1354Q 13 Inch; PVM-M14U 14 Inch SD CRT Monitors

(3) Apple Cinema Displays; Qty Asus; Samsung; Viewsonic Computer Monitors


Video Recorders

Sony SRW-5800 HDCam SR HD VCR

(2) Sony DVW-A500; (2) DVW-500 DigiBeta VCRs; DVW-A510 DigiBeta VCP; DSR-80 DVCam VCR

Sony BVW-75; BVW-65; UVW-1800 BetacamSP VCRs

(2) Sony BVH-2000 1 Inch Tape Deck; BVU-950; (2) VO-5800 U-Matic VCRs; (2) SLV-789 HF VHS VCRs; RM-450 Edit Controller

Panasonic AJ-D640 DVCPro VCR; JVC BR-S611U S-VHS VCR; (2) BR-S777U S-VHS Duplicator

Qty Sony; Philips; Toshiba DVD Recorders; CD Players

(3) FOR.A FA-300 TBCs



Qty Argosy; Omnirax; TBC Consoles Edit Consoles; ProTools Desks; Speaker Stands

Qty Misc Equipment Racks; Office Chairs; Desks; Sofas; Cabinets; Tables; Shelves

NEC Elite IPK Phone System with (28) DTH-8D-1(BK) Phones



Inspection:  Thursday, November 3rd, 10 AM to 3 PM By Appointment Only!

Removal: Monday, November 14th – Wednesday, November 16th, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM By Appointment Only!

For Appointments Contact Auctioneer’s Office at 617.964.1886 or


For Pack and Ship Quotes Contact:

Brian at The UPS Store 

(703) 358-9500 or

Steve Wells from Navis Pack & Ship at

(410) 737-8020 or


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