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Bidding Opens: Tuesday, July 4th, at 9:00 AM
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176 First Flight Drive
Auburn, ME 04210
Premiere Sauce and Marinade Manufacturing Plant




Seetech 5″x24′ Adjustable Slat Custom Conveyor

Oden S-F Auto 10-Head Straight Line Top Filler, Servo/Fil Control, 10-Station Cherry Burrel Positive Pump Heads w/Pump Tank, Change Parts Control

Approx. 600 Gal. Insulated Jacketed Mixing Tank w/Top-Mounted Agitator

Safeline PL50 Mettler Toledo Pass Thru Metal Detector, s/n 7898101, 2013 w/3 HP Centrifugal Pump

Allen Bradley Panelview 300 Control for ConveyorSeetech 5″x24′ Adjustable Bottle Conveyor

New Jersey Unicap 150 4-Head Inline Capper, Model UCAP150-S0129, s/n 24626-02, 2008, w/New Jersey Cap Hopper Unscrambler

Special Built 8-Lane Pass Thru Spray Cooler w/Dual Sonic Air Valves

Seetech 5″ Conveyors, (1) 25′, (1) 32′, 90 Deg.

New Jersey 125 Bronco Rotary Labeler, Model BR125-S040, s/n 24626-01, 2008, Allen Bradley 550 Control w/Opendate Eurocode 300 Coder

Marburg M-500 Autocapsealer Neck Bander, s/n 16180, w/Marburg CR6000 Heat Tunnel

Seetech 5″x38′ Outfeed Conveyor

Seetech 42″ S.S. Accumulator



Pace Omni-Line M400 SSD Bottle Unscrambler, Model M400LSSDAR, s/n 2724, w/Bottle Hopper & Conveyor, Model 55LHCF, s/n 2725

Custom Metal Design 3 1/4″x17′ S.S. Adj. Conveyor

CMD 3 1/4″x 22′ S.S. Adj. Conveyor

Safeline PL50 Mettler Toledo Pass Thru Metal Detector, s/n 7898102, 2013

MRM Elgin Husky II 18-Head Rotary Top Filler, s/n HU218181. w/Change Parts Control, Waukesha Positive Pump

Capem 6-Head Inline Capper, s/n 6791, Hopper Loader, Allen Bradley 600 Control

Special Built Bad Cap Detector

Enercon Super Seal 75 Cap Sealer, Model LM5022-21, s/n C22915-01

CMD 3 1/4″x19′ 90 Deg. Conveyor

CMD 3 1/4″x20′ 90 Deg. Conveyor

New Jersey 334 Charger Rotary Labeler, Model 334VRDBO, s/n 336-MOBA003, 2008, w/Parker Control, New Jersey 313 Dual Unwind Stand, Opendate 53S Micro Coder w/TC2 Control

CMD 3 1/4″x17′ Outfeed Conveyor

CMD 42″ S.S. Accumulator

Champion Top & Bottom Case Taper, Model 700-20-1, s/n 7061522

Eastey Conveyor, Model C1848500, s/n C1848201205

ITW Marksman Matrix MK Matrix Ink Jet Coder, s/n FXJT04902283



Special Built 4-Head Inline Filler, 1/2 Gallon

MRM Elgin Husky I 12-Head Rotary Top Filler, s/n HU112193, w/Waukesha 5 HP Postive Pump

Resina NCR-40 4-Head Inline Capper, s/n 11029, w/Cap Hopper

Enercon Compak Induction Sealer, Model 3300, s/n C17249-01

New Jersey Auto Colt II Rotary Labeler, Model 326SRWP-673, w/Norwood Coder, s/n M93D0061

Marburg M-5 Autocapsealer Neck Bander, s/n 12846, w/Marburg CR-6000 Heat Tunnel

CMD 42″ S.S. Accumulator

Champion Top & Bottom Case Taper, Model 700-20-1, s/n 7061549

Eastey C1848500 Conveyor, s/n C1848201204

ITW Marksman Matrix Ink Jet Coder, Model MK Matrix, s/n FXJT04902782

(4) CMD S.S. Bottle Conveyors, (1) 5″x11′, (1) 5″x27′, (1) 3 1/4″x25′ 90 Deg., (1) 3 1/4″x20′



Feldmeier 1,250 Gallon Mixing Tanks, Dual Top Mounted Agitator, 30 HP & 5 HP, Spray Ball

Lee 400 Gallon 1/2 Jacket Steam Mixing Kettles, 2006 & 2008, Dual Snuggler Top Mounted Agitation, Scrape Agitation, Stop Motion Valves, Spray Ball S/N 46348-1,52148-1

Viatec Perma-San 348 Gallon OVS Mixing Tanks, S/N 104883-2, 104883-1, 8102359, Rotostat 10 HP, Sharpe FGP-200F Top Mounted Agitators, Spray Ball, Stop Motion Valve

Approx 500 Gal Mixing Tank w/ (2) Top Mounted Agitators,Roto Stat, Sharpe Mixers, 1996

Viatec Fiberglass Resin Fab Vertical Storage Tanks, 8,000 Gallons, 2001, S/N 110761, 110762, Each w/ 3 HP  Centrifugal Pump

Stainless Steel Jacketed Fructose Vertical 10,000 Gallon Storage Tank, Side Man Hole, Agitation, 5 HP Positive Pump, Nutripure UV Pass Thru Sterilizer

American 6,000 Gallon Heated Molasses Vertical Storage Tank, S/N 268, w/ Positive Pump, UV Sterilizer

Hicks 3,400 Stainless Steel Horizontal Storage Tank (Not in Use)



Waukesha Positive Pumps, 15 HP

Wilden M8 SS Diaphragm Pump w/ Cart

Graco 1040 1.5″ Diaphragm Pump w/ Cart

3 HP Centrifugal Pumps

7.5 HP Centrifugal Pumps

Waukesha 5 HP Positive Pumps



Approx. 54′ x 10′ SS Mezzanine, 2 Stairs, Plastic Decking



2011 Quadrel Premier Rotary Labeler, S/N 80486-200/01/02

2011 Quadrel Premier Front/Back Rotary Labeler, S/N 80486-100/200



Smith Cast Iron Boilers, Series 28A-8, S/N N2001-487, S/N NA,1.7 Mil BTU,  Pumps & Reco Return Tank

Columbia Steam Boiler, Model MPH-40, 1.6 Mil BTU, w/ Pump & Return


Quincy Model 30 Rotary Air Compressor, S/N 87027, 40,090 Hrs.

Quincy QT-15 Tank Mounted Air Compressor, 15 HP, S/N 5066963, w/ Quincy Qiow-0010 Oil Waster Separator

Atlas Copco CD35 Air Dryer, S/N APIO85284, 2008



Spar SP-30HI Planetary Mixer



Heat Seal T2617-8-TMB Shrink Tunnel w/ Conveyor

Bemis Case Strapper w/Conveyor

Desks, Chairs, Files, Partitions, PC’s, Printers

Viscometer, PH Meter, Small Ovens, Salt Analyzer, Viking Range, Viking Oven, Viking Refrigerator/Freezer, Viking Dishwasher, Scales in Lab


Click Here For A 3D Walkthrough of the Plant


Inspection & Removal By Appointment Only

Inspection: Monday, July 10th From 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Removal: Wednesday, July 12th – Friday, July 14th & Monday, July 17th – Thursday, July 20th

For Appointments Contact Auctioneer’s Office at 617-964-1886 or


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